April 2023

Minister Tinetti and Minister Wood visit Lynfield College

On Friday 31 April we had the honour of hosting Ministers Tinetti and Wood. During their time onsite we were able to show them our complex building challenges and discuss a range of issues currently facing schools. 

The end of their visit coincided with our Cultural Dress Showcase allowing them to join a colourful, vibrant and supportive audience in the packed hall.

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ANZAC Day 2023

Our student leaders joined the Puketāpapa Local Board for the Anzac Day Commemoration Service held at the Mt Roskill War Memorial Cenotaph at 13 May Road. Head Girl, Sitaita Latuila delivered a scripture reading.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The 25th of April marks the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand armed forces during World War 1 at Gallipoli in 1915. Thousands lost their lives during the Gallipoli campaign. Among the dead were almost 3,000 New Zealanders, about one in six of those who served at Gallipoli.

Anzac Day also commemorates New Zealanders killed in other wars and honours returned and serving servicemen and women. It reminds us that New Zealand’s involvement in war has come at great cost and that for many who have come back home, war has marked an end to life as they knew it.

Lest we forget!
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Rajal Sharma wins Gold

Rajal Sharma (Y10) participated in the Auckland District Archery Association’s (ADAA) Target Championships 2023 recently and won a gold medal in the U16 men’s compound division. He shot at 45 meters. WELL DONE! 

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Cultural Week Celebrations 2023

Cultural Week and Cultural Day preparations began before school started and it was an incredibly fulfilling and exciting experience leading to a memorable, joyful week. The school was kept alive after 3.00 pm all term with so many energetic students rehearsing and perfecting their performances, planning the preparation of food or painting beautiful banners. It was so satisfying to watch everyone come together enthusiastically to participate in the intriguing Tai Chi workshop and vibrant cultural fashion show, with so many people coming to cheer and support. The school was filled with beautiful, shimmering, colourful, traditional clothes on our cultural non-uniform day. It was so heart-warming to see so many people express their unique cultures with pride. 

Our Cultural Day was lively, busy and really something to be proud of. We had at least ten different foodstalls selling out of their warm, delicious traditional delicacies. Our show, packed with more than 400 parents and friends per session, involved 25 outstanding, diverse performances that were all so hyped up by the crowd.

The hard work, determination and spirit from the group leaders, performers, cooks, sellers, artists, staff, we Arts and Cultural Captains and especially the Cultural co-ordinator M Phelan are what helped to create an incredibly memorable week of diversity and inclusivity in Lynfield College. This week allowed everyone to express and embrace who they are in full glory, as well as appreciate the uniqueness of everyone's upbringing, culture and traditions (plus have so much fun dancing, cooking and painting!). It was a week where we all came together as one and made so many wonderful memories.

From Arts and Culture Captains: Riya Patel, Caleb Young, Mei Matsuki and Nitya Kumar.

Many thanks to photographers Ron Delgrosso, Virginia Stead, Wilma van Heeswijk, Vini Laga'aia and all those who shared their photographs of this event.

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1st XI Girls Cricket

The Lynfield Girls 1st XI cricket team had an exciting 2023 season, marked by challenging away games against teams from the North Shore. The season started with a tough loss to Takapuna, but it provided valuable insights into areas where we needed improvement. In the next game against Rangitoto College's 2nd XI, we won convincingly by 129 runs. However, our match against an experienced Long Bay team on home turf resulted in a significant loss by 99 runs.

In our game against Northcote's 1st XI, we played exceptionally well and put up a good fight, but unfortunately lost by 29 runs. The final game of the season was a thrilling experience, with an epic view of the shore at Macleans College grounds. Lynfield's 1st XI girls won by a remarkable 8 wickets, making it an exciting end to the season.

Over the course of the season, our squad of 12 girls improved tremendously, thanks to the support and guidance of coaches Aaron, Rishitt, and Ms. Lal. We also want to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Matson for managing, scoring, and putting up with our antics in the school van. Nabeeha Kamran (Y10): Co-Captain

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annaliese piper

Greek Vase Painting Workshop

This week all Year 13 Classical Studies classes had a workshop with Pottery maker Ashleigh Annereau, to practice decorating terracotta with a selection of the ancient Greek vase paintings that they had been learning about this term. 

After discussing the ways that the Greeks harvested, purified and prepared their clay, Ashleigh covered the technique of Black Figure vase painting.

Each student was given their already prepared piece of clay to paint on. They transferred their original Greek design on to their terracotta using the sketch that they prepared the week before in class. They covered the silhouette of their figures with black slip, and incised the intricate details. We all finished the day with a bit more appreciation for the skills of the Greek potters and our own piece of ‘Ancient Greece’.
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1st XI Boys Football WIN! 

Congratulations to our 1st XI Boys Football team who, yesterday, had a very convincing win (13-1) over Albany Senior High School in their second promotion/relegation game.  This means our team will be promoted from A3 to A2 grade.  The competition in A2 is tough and our boys are up for the challenge.  It was great to see some of our staff and students on the sideline supporting our boys. 

Many thanks to ex-student Nathan Maisey who filled in as coach yesterday as Kim Beale is away in Valencia at a football academy (see below). 
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The Valencia football experience

Our 1st XI Boys Football coach, Kim Beale, is currently in Valencia with Lynfield football players Dylan Tearle (Year 11), Liam Stuart (Year 11), Jonny Gibson (Year 11) and Prianka Patel (Year 11).

Valencia is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and the players train at the Valencia academy.  Kim reports:

“Last night we, and 50,000 other fans, watched them (Valencia) play. This morning after training our players met some of the 1st team players and got autographs. Our players compete in four friendly games while they are there.”

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