February 2020

Athletics Day: 14 February 2020

Athletics Day is a sporting highlight that makes for a great break from the classroom for the whole school. A brilliant example of teamwork and support within the six house teams made for a memorable but tiring day, thanks to perfect weather. It sure helped that the day was shortened to a 2.00 pm finish.

The costumes never disappoint and ranged from being highly creative to slightly alarming especially as the furry ones must have been quite warm on a very hot day. The guy with the pineapple head was a favourite.

Huge thanks to all the staff involved for their preparation and management of the day, especially the Health and Physical Education Faculty and the Sports Department: Felicity Walbran, Su Yim, Jo Smith and Thomas Fletcher.

Thanks you also to Ron Delgrosso for his fabulous action shots some of which are below.

To view the full gallery go to: 

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Student Leadership: Badges Assembly

On Thursday 13 February our Badges Assembly was held, a special event where our 2020 Student Executive were presented with their badges of office. 

exec 2020

Our student leaders have had a particularly busy start to the 2020 school year and are creating a profile around the school. They have welcomed our 'new to Lynfield' staff and 360 new Year 9 students and their families with passion and purpose. It is impressive to see them work together as a team to connect, lead and support students throughout the College.

Many thanks to the parents and caregivers and families that attended. We wish these students a very successful and rewarding year.

Family Group Photos can be viewed here:

What Happens on Staff Only Days?

Staff Only Days provide opportunities for tailored professional development for staff to meet the needs of the College, students and whānau. The aim is to increase the quality of learning, along with the support and experiences provided to students. It is an opportunity to familiarise staff with current information on professional practice and new and relevant research. Staff also have the opportunity to undertake professional development throughout the year.

Staff Only Days are Ministry of Education sanctioned days are set aside to support the implementation of changes to NCEA, and wider strengthening of curriculum, progress and achievement practice. We have three Staff Only Days scheduled for 2020: 7 February, 6 August and 19 September.
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