July 2019

Visual Arts Week 2019: Arts Career Pathways

We had two guests visited Lynfield College on Friday 5 July, to talk to our senior Visual Arts students about study options and career pathways within the creative industry, Michelle Singh from Media Design School and Catherine Cutler from Auckland University.

Both covered study options, course requirements, portfolios, open days and events held at the school. They also showed examples of their students work, and talked about their institutions websites which offered more information that students could visit if they were interested in studying at either the Media Design School or Auckland University.

Students asked questions about specific programs and received Prospectus documents from both institutions.

media speaker uni speaker


Visual Arts Week 2019: Pacific Mamas Workshop

Lynfield College students and our guests from Waikowhai Intermediate experienced Pacific customs and myths through interactive storytelling, songs and dance.

Our tutors Turatini and Jarcinda took students on a journey through different cultural practices and Cook Island origin myths. They also learnt how to play traditional Cook Island drums. It was an enriching, fun and rewarding experience to learn about the origins of different Pacific cultures.

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Visual Arts Week 2019: Guest Speakers

Guest speakers Tom Hackshaw and Michel Mulipola were invited to speak to our senior arts students about their art and the processes and techniques they use along with art trends and their career paths.

Tom Hackshaw spoke about his experiences of studying art at Elam Fine Art School, Auckland University. Tom showed students some of his art projects during his degree course at Elam. He worked with renowned Maori artist Michael Parakowhai and was also a teacher at Elam Fine Art School for a year.

Michel Mulipola spoke about his many passions those included creating drawings and illustrations for comics, school journals, graphic novels, of being a professional wrestler and gamer.

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Visual Arts Week 2019: The Korowai Project

As part of our Visual Arts Week students from Waikowhai Intermediate and Blockhouse Bay Intermediate along with our Lynfield College students worked together to paint feathers for the creation of a korowai artwork based on our school values.

Preparation began early with our Year 9 and 10 students cutting out the cardboard feathers. Then all the students worked together to paint the card feathers which will be attached to a cloak cut out of canvas. Throughout the year our students will continue to work towards adding to the korowai until its completion.

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Visual Arts Week 2019: Visual Arts Competition

Arts and Cultural Captain Nene Matsuki presented each of the Visual Arts Competition prizewinners their prize packs at the different assemblies during Artsweek.

Theme for the arts competition was “If you could invent one thing to save planet earth from global warming, what would it be?” The inventions were both imaginative and fantastical …


Senior first place prize winner, Year 12 Ali Ashgar 12WN

Junior first place prize winner, Year 9 Vickie Jiang 9PT

Runner up prize winner, Noah de Heer 11LF

Runner up prize winner, Rina Zhang 11PL

art awards a art awards c art awards b art awards d
Ali Asghar Rina Zhang Noah de Heer Vickie Jiang

Debating Update

Below are the details of the teams moving from the preliminary to the final rounds in the Auckland School’s Debating Tournament. This is only the second time Lynfield has reached this level of competition in every grade.

JUNIOR OPEN: (3rd in a grade of 118 teams)
LYNFIELD 1: Sophie Yang (Year 10), Ananya Nadkarni (Year 10), Oliver Pracey (Year 10) and Stanley Long (Year 10).

JUNIOR OPEN: (14th in a grade of 80)
LYNFIELD 2: Sourav Shastri (Year 12), Vidit Chaudhary (Year 13), Harsh Sharma (Year 12), and Abhay Verma (Year 12). All these students are new to debating this year.

ADVANCED OPEN: (2nd in a grade of 35)
LYNFIELD 1: Joseph Hisayasu (Year 13), Sarah Young (Year 13), Kendall D’Souza (Year 12), and Aashish Ramanlal (Year 11).

PREMIER JUNIOR: (for students from Year 9 – 11) (2nd in a grade of 36)
LYNFIELD 1: Jasmine Pickston (Year 11), Eliana Competente (Year 11) and Michael Jury (Year 11).

Jasmine and Michael have also been selected for the Auckland School’s Debating Development Squad and will receive extra training by University debaters, just as Raymond, Isha and Kyus are having to prepare them for a possible Auckland Regional team selection next year.

PREMIER ADVANCED: (6th in a grade of 29 teams)
LYNFIELD 1: Kyus Rodger (Year 13), Raymond Feng (Year 13), Michael Howell (Year 13) and Isha Ramanlal (Year 11).

kyus a kyus b
Kyus in action Auckland Blue Team
kyus c
Team New Zealand 2019 left to right: Mitchell Palmer (Auckland Grammar School), Grace Baylis (Macleans College), William Price (Westlake Boys’ High School) (Captain)
Harper Smith (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls) and Kyus Rodgers (Lynfield College)


Legal Profession Schools Project

Lynfield College and especially the careers department were delighted to host ten legal professionals from the Legal Professional Schools Project on Tuesday 2 July. Among them was Lynfield past student Right Honourable Dame Helen Winkelmann, Chief Justice of New Zealand who met with our senior students for a fun and informative discussion as to how the study of law at University might be achieved by our students.

This opportunity came about following a number of public statements by the Chief Justice, as to the extent to which children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds struggle to gain entry to our law schools and the detrimental flow-on effect that has on the law profession. Subsequently a number of studies have confirmed that very few children from low decile schools make it to law school, and of those that do, only a very few excel.

This has resulted in a group of legal professionals who have identified the need for the legal profession to have a diversity of views and backgrounds within the law profession.

We look forward to ongoing engagement with this project.

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