June 2023

Mt Maunganui Exchange

Held on Thursday 29 June, this annual winter sports exchange has continued uninterrupted for 64 years and is a highlight on the calendar of both schools. This year it was Mt Maunganui College’s turn to host and 130 students made a very early start to leave school at 6.15 am and head to Mt Maunganui.

The weather was mostly fine with a fresh westerlies keeping the temperature pleasant for all players but cold for the spectators. Unfortunately we did not come away with a win although the Premier 1 Netball team lost by only two points in a very tense game. Both hockey teams really raised their game and played very well but unfortunately the Mount teams were still better.

All players had a really enjoyable day and did our school proud.

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International Students Hike to Wairere Falls

It was very foggy on the track until mid-afternoon on Wednesday 28 June. The fog gave the track a deep calmness as we set out. This track is beautiful in all kinds of weather.

Most of these students had never attempted a hike like this and it was a bit hard going, but determined to get the best out of their New Zealand experience they persevered, and we made it to the top – to get only the faintest hint of the plains below the clouds. The fog started to clear on the way back down and we were able to get a good view of the waterfall. Well done to our students, they can be proud of their hiking achievement!

wairere a
wairere a1

Life Skills Programme

There has been recent media attention on the need for school leavers to be better equipped for life beyond school. Lynfield College is proud to be in the second year of its Life Skills programme for Year 12 and 13 students. Every Tuesday, senior students are guided through a series of classes to cover some of the skills and knowledge they need to be successful adults in our community. Topics include Interviewing skills, budgeting, employment law and contracts, as well as practical skills such as Food for Flatters how to change a tyre, what to do in an accident and Five Tips to Buying a new vehicle.

On Tuesday 27 June the Year 13s had a presentation from Police who came to talk to them about the laws around driving and licences.

The Police will be presenting to Year 12s later in the year as well.

Next term, Year 13s will be focusing on leaving home and study skills, whereas Year 12 will be focusing on course selection, leadership and study skills in preparation for their Year 13.

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Year 12 PILOT Programme

The 2023 ‘Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow’ programme: The PILOT Year 12 Polokalame took place at AUT University South Campus on Tuesday 27 June with Mr Cheung supporting our group. This year the theme was “Our Ancestors were LEADERS” with students participating in activities and workshops throughout the day to inspire the next generation of Pasifika leaders.


Alana: “Knowing where you’re from and your culture is an important part of your identity. I learnt that when applying for a course, be sure to research everything and to choose something that you enjoy”.

Yazlyn: “What I found interesting at the event, was how well Pasifika student worked together and the amount of encouragement that comes with it. Despite our differences, each Pasifika student stood by each other and supported everyone’s inputs and concerns”.

Tausia: “Never forget your roots and connections that you have with your culture. Doctor Dion Amani, the guest speaker, stated how no one’s gonna do it for you, do it yourself.”

  pilot programme 23
Fiona: “Our ancestors, grandparents and parents have been through ups and downs, fighting for our generation of Pasifika students to be where we are today. Regardless of race or gender as a Polynesian, you can do what you love and are passionate about.”

New Zealand Korean Trivia Quiz Night

On Tuesday 27 June, Lynfield College hosted the first ever NZ Korean Trivia Championship, supported by Korean Education Centre members, bringing together teams from schools across New Zealand to showcase their cultural knowledge of Korea. It was an exciting event, that highlighted the deep bond between our two countries and provided an excellent platform for cultural exchange.

With lively competition, each team displayed an incredible level of cultural expertise. From K-pop and K-dramas to Korean food and historical knowledge, the participants showcased all things Korean, demonstrating the growing interest and appreciation for Korean culture among New Zealand students.

Thank you to everyone who devoted their time to preparing our teams, ensuring a smoothly run event. Teachers and student executive have planned meticulously.

The winners of the NZ Korea Trivia Championship are as follows:
1st Place:  Lynfield College 1 | William Lee, Seung Lee, Harry Hsieh
2nd Place:  Lynfield College 5 |
Shabnam Khan, Sia Pai, Mridini Karnawat
3rd Place Equal:  Lynfield College 2 | Amelia Li, Ailis Su, Anna Ly, Han Xie
3rd Place Equal:  NetNZ 2 | Emily, Fukayna, Johana
Best Dressed Award: Rangitoto College 2

Congratulations to all the winners and every participant who took part in this championship.

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korean trivia e


Aotearoa, the Musical

That’s a wrap on a fantastic production of Aotearoa, the Musical! The cast and musicians would like to thank the hardworking crew of teachers and students who made this possible, including Ms Nicholson, Mr Rennard, Mr McLarin, Mr Waddington and Sherry Wagner. Enjoy the photos!

Finally, thanks to the many parents, students and staff for coming out to support this event.

Photo credit: Mr Ron Delgrosso

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Lynfield College Road Race 2023

The annual Lynfield College Road Race took place on Friday 23 June in really poor weather. The slopes of Boundary and White Swan roads were slippery, yet the students still tried to brave them. Even as the wind and rain whipped people in the face, the competitors forged on. Unlike past years, we had very few juniors attending, with the greatest participating numbers being senior students. That being said, a determined group of athletes setting out to beat their personal best which is always a great thing to see. Entry into this race is entirely voluntary for students.
Adapted from the Student Representative Report to the School Board and race competitor Neel Kumar.

This is run around local streets with strict safety considerations in mind. Year 10 Juniors completed a 3.3 km course while a keen group of seniors ran 5.4 km, within strict time limits.



Senior Boys
Senior Girls
Year 11 Boys
Year 11 Girls
Year 10 Boys
Year 10 Girls
Kevin Zhang
Fiona Siaopo
Nikhil Prasad
Jacob Knox
Kenisha Mediratta
Neel Kumar
Daisy Chen
Timothy Truc

Luke D'Cunha
Tehillah Hubert
James Liggett

Jacky Zhou



roadrace 23 a roadrace 23 b roadrace 23 c roadrace 23 d
roadrace 23 e roadrace 23 f roadrace 23 g roadrace 23 h

Bollywood Showdown 2023

Fifteen talented and passionate dancers, ranging from Year 9 to Year 13, put on an exhilarating performance as they represented Lynfield College in the inter-school Bollywood Showdown 2023 dance competition held at The Dorothy Winstone Centre in Auckland on Friday 20 June.

It has been many years since Lynfield has participated in a competition like this so anticipation was at its peak. The girls spent the better part of their term preparing, spending countless hours planning, choreographing, rehearsing and putting in the hard mahi required to curate a performance that was to an astoundingly high standard.

Not only did they have the crowd cheering and clapping for the duration of their preformance, but they also received great feedback from the judges. In particular, their level of energy and overall stage presence. Their fusion of traditional Bollywood with Hip-Hop, stunning constumes, intricate techniques, expressive facial expressions, enthusiasm and overall team synergy resulted in them coming home with the second place trophy. An impressive result!
bolly b bolly a
bolly d

Japanese Trivia Championship 2023

The New Zealand Japanese Trivia Championship 2023, for Year 9 and 10 students from across the country, was held on Friday 16 June. This event provided an opportunity for students who are enthusiastic about Japan’s culture and customs to showcase their knowledge and passion. Two groups from Lynfield College competed, with outstanding results.

1st Place in the Auckland Region and in the National Competition went to a Lynfield College team. Congratulations to the following students for their exceptional achievement: Arlene Lu, Riho Hataya and Marina Sivoravong.

We would also like to acknowledge the following students for their commendable achievement: Dwayne Vyas, Eugene Han, Hansel Michael and Satoru Kameyama, who placed fifth in the Auckland region, demonstrating an excellent grasp of Japanese knowledge.

This year’s competition marks a significant milestone for Lynfield College, as it is our first time achieving first place in the championship. To commemorate their accomplishments, participants were looking forward to a shared lunch on the last day of term, prepared by Mr Storey and Ms Kim.

japan trivia a japan trivia b

Wā hono Project Day

Wā hono is an important part of our junior curriculum, where students make connections between their learning and show their learning in new ways. On Project Day, students worked in groups to solve problems such as:

ROCKET MESSAGE CARRIER: You are in a building on one side of a narrow street and must get a map and some written instructions to your friends in another building across the street so they can safely escape from it before being discovered and know where to meet you, and:

ROLLER RACER: To make a racer which will roll down a ramp and free wheel as far as possible.   

Students enjoyed the opportunity to practise their creativity and critical thinking skills while they designed and tested their products.

wa hono b wa hono a

Poole Gakuin High School Students

Three students from Poole Gakuin High School, Osaka, Japan have been enrolled at Lynfield College this term. The three girls are enjoying their studies at Lynfield College, participating fully in school life, making many friends, and improving their English. They are even going to go on a day hike with other international students.

Last week we hosted the Principal of Poole Gakuin High School, Mr Yasufuku who met with Ms Knell to learn more about Lynfield College, and had a meeting with the three students to hear about their experiences here.

Mr Yasufuku was very pleased with the visit, and we can expect students to continue enrolling from this Japanese school.

  mr yasufuku

Literacy and Numeracy Testing

Following on from our success last year as a Pilot school for the new Literacy/Numeracy standards, we once again gave students who were working at the appropriate curriculum level, an opportunity to sit these assessments in this transition year. Approximately 217 Year 10 and 113 senior students participated in the assessments this week.

Thank you students, for being so punctual and well organised. Thanks also to the staff who were involved in the administration and supervision of the assessments as your work ensured these ran so smoothly.

litnum a litnum b litnum c

Smokefree Auckland Regional Finals

Four Lynfield bands took part in the Auckland Central Regional Final of SmokeFree RockQuest on Saturday night (10 June) at the Dorothy Winstone Theatre at Auckland Girls’ Grammar. Colour Mash, Me, You and Miyu, The Horizon and Fan Club all performed to a very high standard, entertaining a lively crowd.

Fan Club’s lead singer Emma Wagner, guitarist Caleb Young, bassist Tilly Wells, (along with drummer Thomas Christie of Green Bay High School), delivered an “exceptionally energetic and charismatic performance”, with their two original songs Never Ever and “No Caller ID”. Drawing the biggest stage-side crowd of the night, they took out 1st place.

Fan Club will now move on to the next stage of the competition where they will record three original songs and submit them to a new panel of judges who will select the top 30 acts to compete in the National Semi-final. We wish them all the best in the final selection rounds.

Other incredible talent did not go unrecognised. Millie Ashley of “Me, You and Miyu” was jointly awarded the Musicianship Award for her work on sax, bass and vocals (performed across two songs).

rockjune h rockjune f rockjune g
rockjune a rockjune b
rockjune d rockjune e rockjune c

Talanoa and Whanau Hui Evening June 2023

Our recent talanoa and whanau hui was a great success. It was wonderful to see our whanau and aiga come together to celebrate the future of our Maori and Pacific students here at Lynfield College. 

One of the many highlights were the interactions with parents using platforms such as Kahoot. We introduced our parent portal guide to help them to better understand the resource, their child's reports, results, fees and other important information to bridge the gap.

The night ran smoothly with many interactions between leaders, students and parents discussing the importance of NCEA, Ipu ti, Mentoring and the value of feedback.
As leaders, this is part of what we work for and it was delightful to see our planning and teamwork really show out on the night.

We look forward to seeing more of our Maori and Pacific students and their families at our next talanoa and whanau hui on the 23 August at 6.30 pm. Please find below the presentation that shaped the evening.  It would be great for you to complete the last slide around feedback: Talanoa and Whanau hui June 2023


talanoa a

Lynfield College Presents:
Aotearoa, the Musical

For the first time since the pandemic, Lynfield is staging a FULL SCALE Musical. Rehearsals for Aotearoa, the Musical have been underway since Term 1. Lynfield actors, singers, dancers and musicians have been rehearsing at lunchtimes and after school to ready themselves for opening night.

Aotearoa is an award-winning musical, written by Jamie Lawrence. Part love story, part eco-awareness, part spiritual enlightenment, it's a light-hearted walk into the forest wrapped around some of the greatest New Zealand pop-rock songs of our time.

THE PLOT: There is a fraction too much friction when a developer threatens the endangered Rowi (Okarito Brown) Kiwi found in the forests of Westland on the South Island of New Zealand.

The performance includes songs from Split Enz, Crowded House, Bic Runga, The Exponents, Neil Finn, Sharon O'Neill and many more.

Lynfield College actors, singers, and dancers perform in this show which is directed by Celia Nicholson and accompanied by an eight-piece live band conducted by Greg McLarin.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday 1 June either online or from the Accounts Office, at a discounted price:
Students: $5  Adults: $10
Online: https://www.trybooking.co.nz/NWS

Or at the door (Cash or EFTPOS)
Students: $10  |  Adults: $15

  poster small

Poster by Rishitt Walavalkar, Year 12
Get your tickets early to enjoy
the special discounted rate!
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Congratulations Silvia Kim

Silvia has been actively involved in the Joyful Youth Orchestra for the past three years. Her commitment and talent have made a significant impact on promoting cultural exchange between the New Zealand and Korean communities.

Recently, Silvia was awarded a certificate of recognition for fostering cultural understanding from The Korean Society of Auckland Inc. This prestigious honour highlights her dedication and efforts in bridging the gap between these two vibrant cultures.

Throughout her journey with the Joyful Youth Orchestra, Silvia has had the privilege of participating in a many remarkable performances:

  • Foundation Inauguration Ceremony for the Korean War
  • Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Korea's Independence Day
  • Music Festival for the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations in New Zealand
  • Performance at Pakuranga Retirement Village
  • Whangarei Concert
  • Korean Day Performance.

Silvia's passion for music, coupled with her commitment to promoting cultural exchange, exemplifies the values we hold in Lynfield College. Congratulations, Silvia, on your remarkable achievements.

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