June 2024

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 Mānawatia a Matariki 2024 

Ngā manaakitangaMaori Focus Group

With New Zealand celebrating Matariki, two of our student leaders, Danyon Varney and Nakkita Tuhaka, have been featured in the Auckland Council video: 'How do Aucklanders celebrate Matariki - what does Matariki mean for you?' https://www.facebook.com/aklcouncil/videos/1244920179820931/

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Talanoa Evening | 25 June 2024 from 6 - 7.30 pm

Last night we gathered and celebrated our young Pacific students at our Term 2 Talanoa, where we recognised and awarded up to 50 outstanding individuals. The event was not just about accolades but also a learning experience, showcasing the diverse array of current services and programmes available in Term 3.

It was an enriching gathering where education and achievement took centre stage, promising a brighter future for our students. Thank you to all those who attended.

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Lynfield College Production

That's a wrap on this year's highly successful production of Hairspray! The immense effort, expense, and energy invested in putting on a Broadway musical truly paid off. Lynfield's talent was evident in every performance. The cast, musicians, and creative team were delighted to see such great audience support.

Thank you for being an amazing audience!

Hairspray was a wild, musical ride set in the early 60s. While the catchy tunes kept us boppin', the story delved into more serious themes that taught us to look past the color of one's skin, and fight for every human being's equal rights. Some of the language would be considered offensive by today's standards. This vocabulary makes the show more authentic in terms of the era, and reflects the racist mindset of mainstream America that is a central to the play. 

The set represents the struggle for equal rights, with modern references to the continued challenges people of colour still face in America today. This show represented those themes faithfully, while still allowing the comic elements to shine through.

Many thanks to Rob Delgrosso and Vini Laga'aia for their photography.

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A special thanks to the all the incredibly talented, kind and supportive crew who made this show happen:
Tracy Turnblad

Jasmine Wilkings
Prudy Pingleton
Charlie Baker
Velma Von Tussle
Sarah Ramsey
Seaweed J Stubbs
Luke D'Cunha
Spritzer /News Reader
Liam Stuart
Sascha Oldehaver

Coach/Mr Pinky
Finn Hall
Edna Turnblad
Brianna Stuart
Wilbur Turnblad
Elliot Houghton
Corny Collins
Toby Pin
Little Inez
Anchal Choudhary
Jack Stoddart 

Penny Pingleton
Keeley Herman
Amber Von Tussle
Tiana Baxter
Link Larkin
Michael Shand
Motormouth Maybelle
Lupe Fetuani 
The Dynamites
Teuila Minton
Chahak Uppadhyay
and Nittya Bapat 
African American Chorus and Dancers 
Sascha Oldehaver, Misha Kurian, Divya Chhima, Megan Datta, Annie Kuea, Temperance Gataulu-Mara, Simer Aulakh, Fiona Siaopo.

Caucasian Chorus and Dancers
Eloise Martens, Madeline Fleming, Phoenix Murphy, Anika Wong, Charlotte Hsiao, Alex Brewerton, Ella Hill, 
Phoebe Jin, Amelie Skeates, Milla McLean, Caitlin Hsiao, Gabrielle Simpson, Kaity Foye, Caitlin Mackesy.

William Day, Guitar: Caleb McLeod, Guitar: Dev Tiwari, Keys: Simone Hidalgo Cello: Ellice Hii, Drums: Wayne Wang, Violin: Edgar Sue, Sax: Michael Guillard, Sax: Ashton Silveira, Trumpet: Noah Pin, Trombone: Tate Harrington, Vocals: Arlia Potauaine.
Celia Nicholson
Musical Director: Greg McLaren
Sound: Neil Waddington
Lighting: Jayden Albert and Takara Shimajura
Set and Prop Painting: Wilma van Heeswijk
Stage Manager: George Ledingham
Backstage Helper: Seamus Mohally Sheehan
Hair and Makeup: Akesa Koloto-Loholoho, Jasmin Galiana and Daijah Tavavae

Choreographer: Sarah Streat
Assistant Director: Joshua Rennard
Publicist and Production: Sherry Wagner
Costume Maker: Sonia Wensor
Set Painting Assistant: Glynn Hambridge
Slides Operator: Ethan Sutherland
Photographers: Ron Delgrosso and Vini Laga'aia
Poster: Anika Wong
Thank you student painters:
Joy De Castro, Aundreah, Lakatani, Kahaia Huri, Tanvi Shah, Jayna Singh, Dorothy Chang, Maddi Fasi, Aria Nichols, Jiya Tailor, Taske Thyss, Alana Morgan, Muz Alawad, Anna Pareja, Aidan Morrison, Shabnam Khan, Evelyn Tang.
Thank you to our staff helpers:
Stuart Roscoe, Susan Allpress,Belinda Kusabs, Alannah Morris, Mandy Liddard, Cameron Broadhurst, Carmeline D'Souza, Christina Carswell, Jeremy Downing, Catherine Christie, Rachael Stevenson, Sarah Reynolds, Nicky Pin, Trish Friel, Shamila Singh, Tina Clarkson, Luke Jacobs, Romola Naidoo, Wyn Morris, Sigmund Sue, Nalini Govind, Frances Maihi, Rose Fenty.


Diversity and Women in Engineering

On Saturday 22 June, former pupils of Innovative Learning (IL), who are currently in Year 12 participated in the Diversity and Women in Engineering Summit. The day was designed to help them become familiar with different engineering courses and understand the importance of critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving at university.

Our students worked alongside 11 other groups to tackle a problem set in the year 2050, like the tasks we have in 9 IL. Our girls shined and performed exceptionally well, with one group winning the second prize for innovative thinking. We are incredibly proud of our students and particularly of our IL programme.

engineering a engineering c engineering b

Japanese Trivia Night 

Friday 21 June was the annual New Zealand wide Japanese trivia night. Year 9 and 10 students from all over the country competed in trivia all about Japanese culture and customs. This year we submitted two groups and competed at Epsom Girls Grammar against other Auckland high schools.

Our groups consisted of Lynfield College 1 (Eugene Han, Satoru Kameyama, Hansel Michael, Dwayne Vyas) and Lynfield College 2 (Devyani Jogia, Jaime Ray, Saira Unni, Ati Vijay). Both teams competed very well but a special shout out to Lynfield College 1 for coming fourth place.

The night consisted of speeches from special guests from the Consulate General of Japan in Auckland, as well as prizes for first, second, third and best dressed. We are looking forward next year to sending more teams and aiming to reclaim the trophy.

japantrivia a japantrivia b

Squash Premier Boys Incredible Result 

Our Squash Premier Boys team competed at the Auckland Secondary Schools' Squash Team Championships held at North Shore Squash Club on the 18 and 19 of June.

This team were faced with a difficult draw and on the first day of competition ended up needing a victory over local rivals Green Bay High School to make it into the top four.

This was an incredibly closely fought match coming down to the 5th game in the 5th match. Our team however managed to get across the line and finished the tournament in 4th, an incredible result considering injuries and illnesses to members of the team. 

Left to Right: Michael Small, Ashwin Gupte, Oskar Ludvig, Calum Bint, Aditya Parab 

  squash premier boys

Special Olympics Football Training

On Wednesday 19 June, Sophie Leveridge returned to Lynfield to provide students with some extra football skills training in preparation for the Special Olympics. Skills such as dribbling, manoeuvring and stopping the ball, as well as kicking were practised.

Below are Joel, Mohammad and Nichal in action!

joel mohammad nichal

Year 9 Chinese Class Trip

On Friday 14 June, 44 students from our Year 9 Chinese classes went on a day trip to the New Zealand CNSST Cultural Learning Centre. While they were there, they attended two Chinese cultural lessons, Chinese Kungfu and Lantern making, which were enjoyed by everyone.

After the lessons, our students enjoyed a traditional Chinese Yum cha lunch at Lucky Fortune Chinese Restaurant where they practised their chopstick skills. Before the trip, the classes had been learning about Chinese chopsticks and students worked in groups and conducted research on the cultural elements of this practice. It was great to see them use these skills so well.

Many thanks go to Tui Tuia Learning Circle for giving us a Chinese programme grant to make these wonderful activities happen.

About the New Zealand CNSST

In 1998 Jenny Wang, QSM gathered together a group of people in her home garage who were all Chinese new settlers from China, Taiwan and other Asian countries to set up an organisation to help Chinese-speaking migrants to settle well in New Zealand. The charitable trust named ‘Manukau Chinese New Settlers Services Trust’ was born on 21 September 1998.

Having founded the organisation, Jenny Wang worked as the Executive Director for over 23 years and became a recipient of the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) in 2008 in recognition of work she has done with the local migrant community in New Zealand.

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Orienteering Eden Park Sprints

On Wednesday 5 June, a group of our Year 11 Orienteers competed at the Orienteering Eden Park Sprints. This is an event which allows some of our best Orienteering athletes to race at a very different venue compared to the local West Auckland Schools they usually compete at.

Part of this experience allows students to compete on the Eden Park Pitch, visit the home team changing rooms and even make a trip up into the Coaches Box as seen on TV. Congratulations to the following students who competed at the event. 

Michelle He 6th, Caitlin Hsiao 9th, Kate Phillips 13th, Emily Yang 20th, Tehillah Hubert 27th 

  orienteering girls
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