March 2018

Auckland Arts Whānui Programme

Lynfield College is excited to be collaborating with the Auckland Arts Festival on a new project with visual artist Ekarasa Doblanovic called ‘Imagine the Land.’ year 12 History students from Lynfield College and older people from the neighbourhood, including residents from Donovan Retirement Village created hundreds of clay bowls made from local soil. Through the process of making them, stories, memories and perspectives are shared across the generations. The bowls physically represent these interactions and are components of a large floor-based art installation facilitated by artist Ekarasa Doblanovic.

Creating art by using real-life stories helps develop students’ skills in communication, empathy, creativity, narrative structure, collaboration and performance. The themes explore issues that are relevant in contemporary society and inform learning in science and biology, politics, history, social sciences, literature, performance technology and the arts.

You can view the installation of the clay bowls at the Blockhouse Bay Bowling Club in Terry St from 9 - 11 March from 2.00 – 6.00 pm as part of the Festival’s Whānui programme. Whānui is programme of events created by people from Auckland’s many communities in collaboration with professional artists.

imagine d imagine c
imagine a imagine b

Rugby Academy Underway

For the past two weeks, Lynfield College has been a hive of industry at 7am on Tuesday and Thursday morning. The students that are part of the new rugby academy have started their fitness training for the rugby season. Each session starts with a block run followed by a personalised weights program. After training, the students shower and have breakfast together in the sports centre.

The students are hoping to get fit and improve their teamwork before the rugby season starts. All this work will mean that their training session during the rugby seasons can focus on rugby skills and tactics. We look forward to seeing the teams play later in the year.

rugby a rugby b


“The training is really good and it has helped me a lot”

“It’s cool because there is heaps of different training methods”

“The breakfast is good and the training is fun”

“The training is good for team bonding and is pitched at a good level for all the students”

“It is really good that it is about getting fit and the boys and girl’s can train together”

rugby c rugby d