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Samoa Language Week

Sunday 28 May to Saturday 3 June 2023

The theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 2023 is ‘Mitamita i lau gagana, maua’a lou fa’asinomaga’ which means ‘Be proud of your language and grounded in your identity’.

Our Pacific Pride and Young Maori Leaders have prepared a slideshow of the events and activities for the week at this link: LC Samoa Language Week Presentation 2023 

This year’s theme focuses on the importance of the Samoan language and identity. It impresses on us the need not only to understand the Samoan language, but to also use it as much as possible. When you are proud of your language and can speak it, you will also be more grounded in your identity as a Samoan.

Mitamita i lau gagana, maua’a lou fa’asinomaga encourages Samoan language pride in four key areas:

Be proud of your ancestral language

Be proud of your spiritual language

Be proud of your language in your families

Be proud of your written language

The Samoan language has many components. There is simple Samoan, and there is more complex Samoan. There is everyday language and then there is respectful language. There is language specific to young people, and then language that pertains to chiefs and orators. The Samoan language has depth.

This year’s theme for Samoa Language Week is encouraging all use of the Samoan language, from the language most fitting for young people, to the Samoan language used with adults and older Samoans. Whatever stage you are at on your language journey, and how well you can speak and understand Samoan, it is important to continue to use it daily so that the Samoan language thrives. Only there will you be proud of your language, and only then will your identity as a Samoan be grounded in your mind, body and soul.

More more information the calendar of activities and events to be held throughout Aotearoa to embrace and celebrate Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa in 2023 can be found at this link:

Stay connected online by visiting the official Gagana Samoa i Aotearoa Facebook page

Youth Commonwealth Games 

Kevin Zhang has been selected represent New Zealand in swimming at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Trinidad and Tobago in early August. This is an amazing achievement and reflects the dedication and time that he puts into his sport. 

To help get him there, his coach (Josh Munro) from the Roskill swimming club has set up a Give a Little page to help him and his parents meet the $8000 cost. Should you wish to donate:

If more than $1000 is donated he will shave his hair off with a razor!  

At the National Age Groups Swimming Championships in Hastings 12 – 16 April, Kevin performed outstandingly to medal in all nine races he was able to enter! Kevin swept the 16 year old boys age group, winning 6 gold and 3 silver medals! 

Results were: 
100m Freestyle (3rd fastest over all age groups)  
200m Freestyle (fastest over all age groups) 
400m Freestyle 
100m Breaststroke (fastest over all age groups) 
200m Medley (fastest over all age groups) 
400m Medley (2nd over all age groups) 
50m Freestyle (5th fastest over all age groups) 
50m Breaststroke 
200m Breaststroke (3rd fastest over all age groups) 
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Education Perfect Language Presentation

The international language department celebrated our students’ successes achieved in the global Education Perfect Language championship last Friday. Principal Knell honored the students achievements by presenting the certificates in the bronze, silver, gold and emerald categories. We had almost 50 students acknowledged and/or awarded in this year's competition.

Thank you to everyone and their efforts to represent the Lynfield College international language community!

edperfect certs

Pink Ribbon Breakfast

Lynfield College’s Hospitality Department held a Pink Ribbon Breakfast on 26 May 2023 to raise funds for breast cancer awareness month. With so many of our colleagues, friends and whanau effected by this disease we felt it was important for us to contribute in any way we could … 

Everyone was up early and in high spirits.  Mrs Van Niekerk was channelling Gordon Ramsey as she handed out the tasks to her willing sous chefs (our wonderful students) and, as the morning progressed, tables were laid, chef jackets were donned and prizes were displayed. The delicious aromas of sizzling bacon and coffee brewing wafted through the kitchen and into the dining room as our first sitting arrived at just after 8.00 am. Orders began flowing in and were greeted in the kitchen by excited students, ready to put their learning into practice as they produced delicious breakfasts for our hungry diners. Mrs Hardy gathered her service team of students, and like a well-oiled machine they collected the meals from the kitchen and delivered them with flair to the waiting customers.   

All that can be heard is the clink of knives and forks and the soft hum of contented conversation as meals were enjoyed and atmosphere soaked up. A wonderful time was had by all. 

45 meals were prepared and served by our awesome students who not only got to give back to their community, but also had an amazing learning experience.
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Well Done Team! 
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The Hospitality Department would like to thank Countdown Lynfield for their generous support in providing most of the ingredients for our breakfast. Thanks also to Madina Halal Meats who provided Halal products for the breakfasts.


Lynfield College raised a total
of $1394.90 for the Breast
Cancer Foundation.

Belinda Kusabs and Swatna Lal were the winners of the Pink Ribbon Mystery Boxes. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone
for your contribution.


Naylor Love Support for Pink Ribbon Day

On Thursday 25 May 2023, three of our Year 13 Hospitality students were invited to be judges for Naylor Love’s homebake competition.

Alfred Fononga, Ayesha Member and Katie Smith were really impressed with the creativity of all the bakes.

Alex Hall won the competition with his Strawberry Cheesecake. Naylor Love sold the slices to the contractors on site towards their fundraising for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.
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Careers Out West Expo 2023

On the afternoon of Wednesday 24 May the Year 12 cohort visited a combined schools Careers Out West Expo which careers staff planned and organised, at the Trusts Arena. Students had the chance to connect with 100 tertiary providers and employers from a variety of industries, offering courses, apprenticeships and jobs.

This was an excellent opportunity for students to korero, have personal career conversations, ask questions, hear stories or participate in activities. This support will generate meaning and knowledge relevant to our rangatahi’s lives and add to what they already know. We learn more from each conversation and Hui Mai teachers will continue to support Year 12 students with their career ideas and future decision making.


“It helped me realise how many different types of careers you can actually do. There was a wide variety of job options, plus they were all so nice. They were really supportive. Like, you don’t have to grow up toward it, you can take action now.” Lineysha

“It was really helpful to get an outsider perspective on different universities and it gave me a good pathway, something to explore.” Aamya

“Yeah, it was good. They gave real world advice, which made me feel confident about my future career options.” Rishitt

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9ILM Mathematics: Spiritual Building Project

As part of the Turangawaewae theme, Mr Coop’s 9ILM Innovative Learning Mathematics class has been working on and presenting their Spiritual Building Project. One intention of this group project was to cement the theme’s enduring understandings, being; 

  • An understanding of place is important for identity
  • Where we come from and where we are, shapes who we are
  • A sense of belonging is important for wellbeing and relationships

A second, and equally important intention was for students to apply measurement skills they had learned previously in class. Students were tasked with chosing a building that was important to them personally, and to the communities who use the building. Description of the history and construction of their chosen building were presented, along with the building’s cultural and spiritual significance. Students created a three dimensional computer model of their building on TinkerCAD, and were then required to calculate both the surface area and volume of the building, by combining calculations of individual and compound shapes. Students enjoyed the learning experience and mades some wonderful presentations to the class.

Buildings represented were: India Gate, Samoan Parliament Building, Kedarnath and Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temples, Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Chichen Itza, Bank of Mauritius, Wat Samphran (Dragon Building), Whakapara Marae and Masjid al-Haram Mosque.

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Leavers’ Hoodies

There was a very excited Year 13 on Tuesday with the arrival of their Leavers’ Hoodies. Given the recent change in temperature this has been a much welcomed addition to their uniform. 

Students in other levels looking for additional uniform items are encouraged to make use of the Secondhand Uniform Sale scheduled for Saturday 24 June.

Should a uniform pass be required, until extra items can be purchased, a note needs to be brought from home and taken to the Deputy Principal rostered on to issue these in the Library each morning until 9.15 am.


Te Kaunihera o te Kāhui

On Friday 19 May we welcomed students from all nine Lynfield Kāhui Ako schools to Lynfield College for their first Te Kaunihera o te Kāhui (across school student council) session. Up to four representatives from each school from Years 5 through to 10 met with a focus on whanaungatanga and building positive relationships between schools. We also has Greg and Zac from Sport Auckland running the session.

Students learned about base games and discussed the values and culture present in the games as well as identified what made them good and what made them not so good. When they meet next they will start looking at designing a Kāhui Ako legacy game that all nine schools can participate in.

These sessions enable students to build their leadership, communications, problem solving and event management skills. It will be exciting to see what they come up with.


League Tag Tournament

On Wednesday 17 May, Lynfield took one girls and one boys team to participate in the Inaugural Auckland Rugby League-League Tag competition at Cornwall Park.

The girls played against Epsom Girls’ Grammar School and Onehunga High School, with a narrow loss to the champions. While the boys drew a round and demonstrated kaha throughout the day with games versus St Pauls, Whangaparaoa, James Cook and Manurewa.

Ka nui te mihi ki nga kaiako me nga akonga.

league tag girls league tag boys

Peace Week and Pink Shirt Day 2023

During Week 4 we have been celebrating Peace Week. Our Social Impact Coordinators, Safe Schools Group, Feminist Group, Year 12 Executive and Peer Support groups have all been actively hosting events for the student body to promote anti-bullying and kindness and togetherness.  

On Monday, Peer Support leaders went to their year 9 Hui Mai classes to host a kahoot about why we celebrate Pink Shirt Day. Tuesday we had a game of Sticks/Team Tactics between teachers vs students. An Affirmations Stall was held on Wednesday, where students had the opportunity to send their friends and teachers a kind note. The Year 12 Exec group organised a PhotoBooth for students to celebrate Pink Shirt Day in advance, as our Pink Non-Uniform Day was held on Thursday. Friday we held the Pink Bake Sale, and the proceeds went towards the Mental Health Foundation.  

We hope the students had fun engaging in all the fun activities and remember to stay kind to each other!

Photo credits: Vini Laga'aia and Student Executive
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Karangahake Gorge 3OED Adventure

On Wednesday 17 May, the two 3OED classes and three teachers all ventured out to the Karangahake Gorge in the Thames - Coromandel region between Paeroa and Waikino. The focus for the camp was risk management specifically around rivers and river safety.

Once we had set up camp at Dickie Flat some students decided to brave the cold waters of the Waitawheta River for a swim. That evening we light the camp fire and after a feast of marshmallows it was time for bed. Most of the us got very cold during the night and woke to a still foggy morning. Thursday saw us rotate around three activities and then into the river for more river crossings and throw bagging practice.

At 3.00 pm on Thursday the decision was made for us to return to Auckland due to the weather forecast and then risk of weather related issues. Although we had to be evacuated everyone was in high spirits and we were all home Thursday evening lying in a warm comfy bed listening to the wind and then rain thankful we were not in tents.

Back to school on Friday for the planned trip to Wero Whitewater park to extend the river crossing knowledge. We also went white water rafting and went over the four-metre waterfall.

Massive thanks to Miss Reynolds, Mr Larsen and Mr Christie

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Smokefree Rockquest 2023

Lynfield College Rocks the Central Auckland Heats!

Smokefree Rockquest is underway for 2023, with the Central Auckland heats taking place on 13 May at the Dorothy Winstone Centre. There were four bands representing Lynfield, and we’re stoked that all four groups have made it to the Top 12. Congratulations to:

Fan Club: Emma Wagner, Tilly Wells, Caleb Young, Tom Christie (ex-Lynfield student)

Colour Mash: Dylen Motufouaki, Connor Beguley, Zak Ray, Bronson Booy, Harshikesh Singh Nadan

The Horizon: Lin Zhong, Nihar Khatri, Flynn Meiklejohn

Me, You and Miyü: Naimah Manchanda, Millie Ashley, Miyu Okuwaki

Their attention now turns to the Regional Final on 10 June, where they will have seven minutes to wow the judges and audience with two of their original songs! Let’s pack out the theatre on the night and support our Lynfield students! Event details and tickets to the regional final can be purchased here (students $10, Adults $20).

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Tech23 Tour

The Tech23 Tour hosted nearly 500 learners at the Tomorrow Expo to meet leading tech companies and inspire future innovators. It was an opportunity for learners to see and imagine their future tech career.

On 12 May eleven brilliant minds from Lynfield College attended the Tech23 Tour at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau. Their shared passion for programming and digital innovation connected them instantly. They explored Cyber Security certificates at CertNZ, delved into media development and animation at Media Design School, and gained insights from a panel of Microsoft staff about coveted internships. A thrilling surprise awaited them - a Tesla, where they marveled at its futuristic features. They also discovered She Sharp, an organization promoting diversity in tech. Inspired, they left the tour rejuvenated, ready to make their mark in the industry.

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3ESS Takapuna Beach Geological Dating Trip

On the afternoon of Monday 8 May, instead of staying in the classroom, Level 3 Earth and Space Science took to the outdoors by going on a field trip to Takapuna. Whilst there they examined the evidence of geological events that are 25 million years old, and applied their learning to explain how geologists would know how they formed. The observations they made on the trip will be used in an assessment to discuss the evidence geologists use to explain the history of the Earth.

  geo dating

Connecting with our Alumni 

During the holidays I had the honour of attending the Te Kuhunga Scholarship Presentations. Kenny Fu (Y13, 2022) was one of the recipients. Presentations were made by Dame Helen Winkelmann, a past Lynfield student. Helen’s ongoing support for and reference to our school is much appreciated. 

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Inspired by Chief Justice Rt Hon Dame Helen Winkelmann, Te Kuhunga is targeted at Year 11 to 13 students from decile 1 to 4 secondary schools in Meredith Connell’s Crown warrant area in Auckland. The programme is focused on students who have been identified within their school as having the potential to become lawyers. MC has played a leading role in developing and supporting Te Kuhunga, with generous support from Gilbert Walker, Stephen Hunter KC, University of Auckland and AUT.

Te Kuhunga consists of the following components:

School visits: MC lawyers visit schools to talk about day-to-day life as a lawyer and what it’s like to study law.

Office visits: Students visit MC to discuss their aspirations and plans with partners and lawyers, and participate in discussions about a topical legal issue.

University open days: Held at AUT and University of Auckland Law Schools, students attend lectures and tutorials and are invited to participate in a moot (a court-style debate).

Scholarships: Scholarship recipients are each awarded $8000. Successful recipients will be enrolled in Part One law courses and would otherwise experience significant financial hardship studying at University.

University mentoring: Scholarship students are matched with an MC mentor in their first year of study, receiving one-on-one support and group study sessions. Work experience days are also available to students, when they can shadow their mentor at work and in court.

StudyTravel Secondary School Award

We were very excited to learn that Lynfield College had been nominated for a StudyTravel Secondary School Award for 2023 in the Australian and New Zealand category and delighted to be told we were one of five finalists along with two other New Zealand schools and two from Australia.

The Study Travel Secondary School Awards are peer-voted awards celebrating outstanding secondary education providers and their study travel partners.

The winners of the StudyTravel Secondary School Awards 2023 were announced at the ceremony on Friday 21 April held at the Park Plaza London Riverbank Hotel.

International Director Julie Bradley (at right) commented:

“This recognition means a lot to us; we are very committed to providing the best educational experience for our International Students. It would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our International Department staff, International Office Manager Grace Chew, Homestay Manager Vibha Bangs and Homestay Assistant Deidre Gillard.”

julie certicicate

“Congratulations for the nomination as Finalist in the StudyTravel Secondary School Award - Australian and New Zealand Schools. You are really a great school.”

“It is an honour to send students to a school with your qualifications.”

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