October 2023

Auckland Live Showdown Awards 2023

Showdown is the Auckland secondary school production competition and aims to promote excellence among our up and coming performers and theatre technicians.

With 12 plays and 16 musicals entered, this year's nominees come from 23 secondary schools across Auckland. Nominees have been selected by our Showdown judges the winners in 30 categories are announced at the Bruce Mason Centre on Tuesday 31 October.

Lynfield College has a number of skilled and talented entries from our Aotearoa production this year:

Best Sound Design
Neil Waddington - Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Performer in a Minor Role in a Musical 1
Ben Way - (Fisherman), Aotearoa, Lynfield College
Elliot Houghton - (Goon), Aotearoa, Lynfield College
Faith Motufoaki - (Fisherman), Aotearoa, Lynfield College
George Ledingham - (Fisherman), Aotearoa, Lynfield College
Michael Shand - (Goon), Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Performer in a Minor Role in a Musical 2
Caleb Raymond - (Goon), Aotearoa, Lynfield College
Zach Cowen - (Fisherman), Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Performer in a Supporting Role in a Musical 1
Penina Fepuleai - (Ana Koata), Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Performer in a Lead Role in a Musical 2
Dylen Motufoaki - (Dan Jacobs), Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Ensemble in a Musical
The cast of Aotearoa, Lynfield College

Best Musical Director
Greg McLarin - Aotearoa, Lynfield College

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World Rugby Women’s Sevens Player of the Year

Huge congratulations to past student Tyla Nathan-Wong on being recognised as World Rugby Women’s Sevens Player of the Year 2023.

Tyla Nathan-Wong has been at the heart of the Black Ferns Sevens success story since the beginning, playing in the inaugural World Rugby Sevens Series tournament in 2012 and pulling the strings as the playmaker ever since.

She played in all seven tournaments on the 2023 Series, scoring 247 points as the Black Ferns Sevens reached every final, winning six titles to claim a seventh overall crown. She made the HSBC Series Dream Team and sits second on the all-time point-scoring list with 1,295.

Tyla’s Achievements to Date at the Age of 29!

  • Olympic Gold Medal: Rugby Sevens – Tokyo Olympics 2021
  • Olympic Silver Medal: Rugby Sevens – Rio Olympics 2016
  • Commonwealth Games Gold Medal: Rugby Sevens – Gold Coast 2018
  • Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal: Rugby Sevens – Birmingham 2022
  • World Cup Sevens: Champion – Rugby Sevens – San Francisco 2018
  • World Cup Sevens: Champion – Rugby Sevens – Moscow 2013
  • HSBC Women’s Sevens Series: Champion x 7
  • 5 x Representing New Zealand at the highest International level: Touch Football, Tag Football, Rugby Sevens, Rugby Fifteens, Rugby League
  • New Zealand Women’s Sevens Player of the Year x 2: 2015 and 2019

Tyla is without doubt one of the most successful sporting athletes to ever attend Lynfield College!

tyla seven b tyla seven c tyla seven a
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Student Leadership Positions for 2024 Announced

Year 12's final assembly on Monday 30 October culminated in the announcement of Student Leadership and House Captains' positions for the 2024 year. Our student leaders are not only role models for students of all year levels, they will also be involved in decision-making and event organisation throughout 2024.

Above Pic: The smiles say it all as our Year 12 students share their success with our Year 13 Leavers.

Head Students
Deputy Head Students
Academic Captains
Assistant Academic Captains
Arts and Culture Captains
Assistant Arts and Culture Captains
Sports Captains
Assistant Sports Captains
School Board Student Representative
International Student Representative
Ambassador Coordinators
Social Coordinators
Hui mai Coordinators
Wellbeing Coordinators
Calum Bint and Daisy Chen
Aaron Crasto and Zara Qureshi
Evan Huang and Deevya Shah
Pranay Tailor and Emili Biswas
Scarlet Kwon and Nihar Khatri
Ofa Fononga and Dev Tiwari
Fiona Siaopo and Annaleah Smith
Ryan Ghosh and Flynn Meiklejohn
Rishitt Walavalkar
Ellen Kang
Kovid Dev and Alhaan Ibnul
Kenan Egene and Vajra Patel
Nuha Wadhwania and Sarah Ramsey
Praise Chong and Vighnesh Nadan


John Mahe, Ateliana Manuha’apai, Bill Xie, Nessa Isaac, Jacky Zhou, Aziz Mookhtiar, Bachir Farchakh, Tilly Walsh, Jessica Sor


Danyon Varney, Hunter Savieti, Lily Panga, Tinea Subritzky, Akeelah Te Rangi


John Mahe, Addisyn Lene, Ateliana Manuha’apai, Katie Sefo-Kelemete, Aayushi Nand


 Bray House: Agnes Wulf and Sione Apelu 
 Fatialofa House: Addisyn Lene and Ahmed Khimani 
 Faumuina House: Hemani Savaram and Herman Kwon 
 Lewis House: Seetha Veerapan  and Sohum Nyayapati 
 Reid House: Reshma Tala  and Abijit Gill 
 Zoricich House: Aneri Shah and Anna Kaufusi  

tokelau language week 23

Tokelau Language Week 2023

This year's theme for Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau is "Ke Olatia ko ia Tokelau i tana Fakavae - Tokelau to Prosper Within its Foundation”.

The theme for Tokelau Language Week 2023 builds upon the 2022 focus, 'Halahala ki vavau kae ke mau ki pale o Tokelau.' The overarching message is clear: Understanding the past is crucial for planning the future.

While the Tokelauan community in Aotearoa may be small in numbers, it is notably big in heart. The importance of preserving unique Tokelauan identities is recognised within the community. Acknowledging historical roots is considered essential for future progression, especially in cherishing and upholding the culture and language.

Tokelau finds its strength in four foundational pillars: language, culture, customs, and faith. When these pillars are fortified, not only does community well-being flourish, but the unique Tokelauan identity is also safeguarded for future generations. This theme serves as a rallying cry for all Tokelauans residing in Aotearoa. There is a collective responsibility to ensure the Tokelauan 'Fakavae'—the community's spiritual and cultural values and practices—continue to prosper for generations yet unborn.

The mantle of cultural preservation and growth is increasingly passed to the younger generation. These youth and children are positioned to guide the community in embracing a rich diversity of knowledge and skills. A notable portion of this younger demographic are emergent Tokelauan language learners. Through activities that celebrate identity and offer linguistic and cultural education, the aim is to inspire and provide robust support to these learners.

Activities and events in 2023 will be hosted throughout Aotearoa to embrace Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau – Tokelau Language Week.

Connect online by visiting the official NZ Tokelau Language Week Facebook page.

Festival Awards Evening

At 6.30 pm on Thursday 19 October, we hold our annual Lynfield College Senior Festival Awards Evening celebrating student success in sports, the arts and cultural activities.

This will be a live prizegiving as it will be simultaneously live-streamed to enable all our students and their families to join us in looking back on what our students were able to achieve in 2023. 

A livestream of the event can be watched at this link: https://youtube.com/live/P2c3LtWPbJk?feature=share

kenisha billboard

If you have spotted the billboard above while travelling on Lincoln Road and Great North Road in Henderson and thought someone looked familiar you are right!

Face of Athletics Competition partnered with Athletics New Zealand Go Media

Kenisha Mediratta Loves her Sport

"That photo of me was taken last year at XC regional relays held in Nelson 2022 when I was 13 years old.

The photo was taken by a professional photographer who was there on the day, who took the photo of me. Which I went on to enter in the 'Face of Athletics' photo competition.

I love my sport. Racial and gender wise, it’s really cool to represent girls of colour."

1HPR Students Visit Sunset BUPA Retirement Home

In a heartwarming display of intergenerational connection and compassion, one of our 1HPR classes  paid a visit on Wednesday 18 October to Bupa Sunset, a local retirement home, bringing smiles and cheer to the elderly residents. The event was a rewarding experience for all involved, highlighting the benefits of bridging the generation gap and fostering a sense of community.

As the students arrived at the rest home, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air. Agnes, the rest home activities coordinator, went about pairing groups of students up with a variety of residents. Activities they were involved in ranged from life conversations, colouring, puzzles, playing board games and rehab exercises.

  sunset visit 23
It was a beautiful sight to witness as the generations came together, forming instant connections and building bonds that transcended age. The joy and laughter that filled the room were infectious, reminding everyone present of the power of human connection. The residents relished the opportunity to share their wisdom and life lessons with the young minds, while the students absorbed the invaluable knowledge that only time and experience can provide.

This uplifting interaction not only brightened the day for the elderly residents but also left a lasting impact on the students. It served as a reminder that simple acts of kindness and spending quality time with the elderly can make a significant difference in their lives. 

In a world that often seems fast-paced and disconnected, events like these serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing relationships across generations. The school students' visit to the rest home exemplifies the beauty of compassion, empathy, and the positivity that can be generated by bringing different generations together.

A Warm Welcome Extended to German Exchange Group

On Monday 16 October we welcomed students and staff from the Ernst Haeckel Gymnasium with a Powhiri in the Hall, followed by some typical ‘kiwi’ refreshments in the staffroom and accompanied by kapa haka led waiata.

While the visiting students are here, they will be attending some classes with their Lynfield hosts, sight-seeing in Auckland, enjoying weekend activities with their host families and then travelling further afield in the country.

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german d german c
german a

School Board Student Representative 2023 - 2024

Lynfield College is proud to include students as real leaders in the school and one example of this is having a student representative as a full member of the school Board. They serve for 12 months from October and are elected by their fellow students. This year saw a strong field of candidates and a close election. Nominees promised to represent student voice in issues like improving the school environment and addressing programme initiatives.

Lynfield College School Board
Student Representative Election Results 2023

Daisy Chen (135 votes)  
Evan Huang (75 votes)
Scarlet Kwon (48 votes)
Aaron Lobo (33 votes)
Zara Qureshi (50 votes)
Srinidhi Totha (25 votes)
Rishitt Walavalkar (162 votes)

Rishitt Walavalkar is declared duly elected
by Returning Officer Neil Waddington.

Pictured right: Outgoing Student Representative Neel Kumar (right) welcomes incoming Student Representative Rishitt Walavalkar (left).

Rishitt’s Campaign Statement

What do you look for in a successful leader?

I believe the most important characteristics of a leader are resilience, adaptability and integrity. I am Rishitt Walavalkar and these values are the guiding principles of my life. They help shape my actions and decisions each day. Being someone who values honesty and discretion, my goal is always to seek what is in the best interest of our school.

rishitt neel
As a member of the Year 12 executive this year, my role was to work in a team and help organise and plan various events. You may have seen or participated in events such as Peace Week, Inclusivity Week and Cyber Safety Week that we were responsible for organising and supporting.

A perk of being in the 12 exec team was that I had the chance to work closely with other senior leaders who have been my role models and have helped me grow and understand what it takes to be a reliable leader at our school. I have learned that the ability to bring change confidently and consistently is a key factor in being a successful leader. This role was heavily team-oriented and helped me understand the importance of considering everyone’s ideas and making them work with the best interests in mind. I realise that the transition into a School Board representative will require me to work in a more independent role and I am ready to take on this challenge.

After four enjoyable years at Lynfield College, this is the perfect opportunity for me to dedicate my final year of secondary school to be a part of giving it back to you students. I will work with our best ideas at heart to ensure our schools’ collective objectives are met. This role will be my number one priority with my undivided attention and will work towards being the optimal bridge between your voice and our school board. With your vote, we can make a positive impact together.

John Wu Wins at Table Tennis Nationals

Over the Term 3 school holidays one of our International Students, John Wu participated in the National Table Tennis Championships held in Invercargill. There was a lot of tough competition however John was up to the challenge and came away with SIX medals:

U19 Boys A Grade Teams
U21 Men’s Doubles

U21 Men’s Singles
Open Men’s A Grade Teams

NZ Open Men’s Doubles
U19 Boys’ Singles

Our congratulations to John on his outstanding result!
  john medals
john podium

nuie banner

Niue Language Week 2023

This year’s theme for Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue – Niue Language Week is Fakatūleva e Vagahau Niue mo e Tau Aga Fakamotu ma e Tau Atuhau, which means - Sustain Niue Language and Culture for Future Generations.

The Niue people have reached a crossroads where the status of the Vagahau Niue is considered most vulnerable.

Vagahau Niue has been registered with UNESCO as an endangered language, so one of the challenges we face is the preservation of Vagahau Niue and Niue culture.

It is vital to preserve, sustain and maintain the Vagahau Niue and Cultures for many generations to come. Niue leaders and community groups are working hard to explore, discuss and formulate strategies to ensure that the Vagahau Niue and its Cultures are protected and sustained for future generations.

Young New Zealand-born Niueans have said that Vagahau Niue and Niue Cultures are avenues to stay connected with their parents and grandparents. It is their sense of identity.

Activities and events for 2023 will be hosted throughout Aotearoa, to embrace Faahi Tapu he Vagahau Niue - Niue Language Week.

Connect online by visiting the official NZ Niue Language Week Facebook page.

Stay connected online by visiting the official NZ Tonga Language Week Facebook page.

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