Year 10

The compulsory core consists of: English, Health, Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies.
In addition, all students do two full year Options for three periods per week each.
In Year 10, your course will consist of:
English 5 periods per week
Mathematics 4 periods per week
Science 4 periods per week
Social Studies 4 periods per week
Physical Education 3 periods per week
Health 2 periods per week
Option 1 4 periods per week
Option 2 4 periods per week
The following Options are offered. Students do two. As the Options are organised into two blocks in the timetable, some combinations may not be possible.

Business Studies



Design And Visual Communication

Digital Technologies - Option 1

Digital Technologies - ICDL Option 2


Electronics / Robotics

English Language Support (For Students Needing Extra English)






South Pacific Course

Technology – Hard Materials

Technology – Soft Materials (Fabrics)

Visual Arts

Students in the Advanced Learner classes may be invited to do NCEA Level 1 in some subjects. (eg Science, Mathematics, Geography, Social Studies).
Year 10 Option Choice Guidelines
The 2017 Year 10 Course Information Booklet contains guidelines for course choices and descriptions of the Year 10 Options offered at the College. These descriptions contain information on the prior study required, costs and main areas of study.

Complete the Course Selection Form and hand it to your form teacher.
Before making your option choices talk to people:
  • the teachers in charge of courses you are considering
  • your Year 9 Technology and Option teachers
  • your parents
  • your Dean or Form teacher
  • the Careers Advisor, Mrs Keir
  • senior students
Think about:
  • Doing something you like and are interested in
  • Doing something you know you are good at
  • Your future career. Check you are on the right path by seeing Mrs Keir or reading the material in the Careers Room (A1) or the Library.
  • What you would like to study in the senior school, especially in Year 11. There are some courses that you must do in Year 10, before you can do them in Year 11. There are some courses that carry on through to Year 13 and others that do not. Check through the Course Flow Chart as you plan your course selection.