All students are encouraged to return for a fifth year of education. The Level 3 standards provide a stimulating academic challenge with scholarship exams also being offered. The results of Level 3 standards will be used to qualify for entry to University and to ‘limited entry’ courses. There are opportunities to mature personally as well as developing leadership skills. 
All Year 13 students take FIVE courses (a sixth may be taken with the approval of the Dean).
If you are aiming for a degree course at a tertiary institution you are best to do a full Level 3 programme of five courses. Check the requirements for entry to University in the Senior Course Information Booklet 2020
Most Year 13 students study for Level 3 in order to gain entry to University courses. However, a full (5 courses) Level 3 programme is not appropriate for anyone who has not gained a Level 2 certificate. Permission from the Dean and relevant Heads of Department will only be given in exceptional circumstances for those students to do a full Level 3 course.
Students need to check the requirements of future courses to ensure an appropriate Year 13 programme is selected.
No more than TWO Visual Arts related courses can be taken. 13ARC cannot be taken with 13ARV.
No more than TWO Physical Education related courses can be taken.
Computing students may only take ONE of 13ICT and 13ISM.
Candidates with appropriate qualifications may do a university paper. Provisional enrolment for these is usually required before the end of November of the previous year.

Full descriptions of all courses offered at the College are contained in the Senior Course Information Booklet 2020.  A completed Course Selection Form must be handed to your form teacher.