Faculty Highlights 2015

Special Achievement Award for our  Students

Our Learning Support students entered three garments in the Open category of New Dimension for the Schools Trash to Fashion Competition, winning the Special Achievement Award in recognition of all three of their entries.

Dancing in the Rain (centre in image) was Highly Commended by the judges for its vibrancy and use of materials (inflatable swimming pool).

The entries were made by Sophia May, Albert Ama, Priyanka Anand, Leon Bartley, Rebecca Fleming-Yates, Andrew Huang, Xyniel Po-Nepia and James Warman.

Congratulations to you all!

Alongside Work Experience 2015: Year 13 Childcare Advanced

Students from the Childcare Advanced class have spent time at various local early childhood education centres gaining valuable practical experience in a real work environment.  This has helped them with the theory requirements of the course. In addition, two assessments must be carried out in an early childhood education centre, so students have gained credits from this exercise.

The students have really enjoyed their time working with the children and we are very appreciative of the welcome and support given to our students by early childhood teachers in our community.

Trash to Fashion Meets the Judges

Two weekends ago The Schools Trash to Fashion took place at the Mangere Arts Centre and The Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden.

Students from 10 Soft Materials and Learning Support were confident in modelling their garments made from trash, in front of a panel of three judges.

Well done to all the girls who competed and looked fabulous and good luck to the students going through to the final.
        IMG 4345-433     IMG 4337-502
IMG 4289-950         IMG 4311-98      IMG 4317-83
IMG 4326-27 IMG 4205-718 IMG 4309-582

Childcare Students Explore Art Techniques

Year 12 and 13 Students taking the Early Childhood Education Programme visited the Corbans Art Estate where they were taught the meaning behind and the technique of Tuku Tuku panels.

Students enjoyed the experience leaving with valuable skills to teach pre-school children a part of our bicultural heritage in a fun and hands on way. This is an essential element of being an Early Childhood Educator
GEDC2801 GEDC2802
GEDC2806          GEDC2803 GEDC2807

One Step Closer to Tertiary Study


Year 13 Fashion and Design students enjoyed a day out at SewTec Fashion Academy completing a workshop on industrial machine operation and constructing a tailored pencil skirt.

Students left with a sense of accomplishment and confidence ready to tackle the expectations of tertiary level study.
IMG 2212 IMG 2218
IMG 2213 IMG 2214 IMG 2219


Trash to Fashion showcases rubbish outfits

    An article from stuff.co.nz......

Lynfield College students Rebecca Fleming-Yates, Miyuki Gale, Sophia May, Ale Netane and Andrew Huang in their outfits completely made of recycled material.

Photo supplied by Alastair Lynn/Fairfax NZ
Trash to Fashion-965  

You can find almost anything in the trash. Students are taking dumpster diving to a whole new level by turning discarded materials into wearable works of art.

The Schools' Trash to Fashion Awards have got students working hard on their final outfits. Hours have been spent knitting, sewing, gluing and melting materials together. Now it's time for judging.

Lynfield College Year 10 students Miyuki Gale and Ale Netane have spent the past 20 weeks working on their outfits. Miyuki says moving forward from the planning stage has proved difficult.

"We've been doing all the drawings and the concepts but you can't really make it exactly to what you draw," she says. "Sometimes the material is a bit too difficult and you just have to go with it."

Three judging selection shows will be held from July 24 to 26 with the finalist showcase in early September. More than 1400 Auckland students enter the competition each year.

Lynfield College soft materials teacher Anna Wills says the competition helps students see clothing in a different way.

"It's all about finding materials that have no life left in them and making something quite beautiful." Ms Wills says the use of recycled materials also helps students get a better insight into the effect their choices can have.
"It's good for them to see that what they purchase is going to have an impact on the environment," she says.

Students must model their finished outfits to a panel of judges who will then select the best to go into the final stage.  Ale says the catwalk will be daunting but it will be good to see what other designers have come up with.

"After doing it I'll probably be a bit relieved, it's taken a lot of work," she says.

The central Auckland showcase will be held at Mangere Arts Centre on July 24 from 5pm to 9pm. Visit eventfinda.co.nz for more information.
 - Stuff

Our Students Cook Up a Storm

Eleven students enjoyed the experience, the competition and success when they participated in the Auckland Regional Culinary Competitions at MIT on Wednesday 1st July
The students competed in a number of classes - barista, pasta, omelette, cake decorating, seafood chowder and 2 students were in Auckland Council's "What's Your Flavour?" Burger competition.

Everyone competed well and Lynfield students finished with an impressive 7 medals and 2 students topping their class.
  • Teneil Pillay won the top pasta medal and class
  • Peya Ono won the top chowder medal and class.
IMG 1319-888


IMG 1332-619 IMG 1335-246 IMG 1337-859
MIT5-397 MIT6-456 MIT7-112

Fashion Design Students Get Real Experience

On Friday 12 June the students in Year 11 Technology - Fashion and Design went to SewTec Fashion Academy.

They were taking part in a bodice workshop where they had to draw  patterns, adapt the darts and construct their piece using the industrial machines.

These pieces will go on display with the skirts they have created at the Fashion and Design show at the end of Term 3.

An exciting and rewarding glimpse into the real world of fashion and design!
IMG 3996-365 IMG 3999-927-842
IMG 4002-558 IMG 4017-843 IMG 4016-901

How We Remembered Them

Technology Faculty classes undertook a number of activities in April to honour those who are remembered on Anzac Day and on the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings...

Fashion and Design Remembers Anzacs

Fashion and Design students celebrated the centenary of ANZAC by creating paper doll  fashion garments which were inspired by the uniforms and colours of ANZAC.
IMG 3548 IMG 3547 IMG 3534
IMG 3553 IMG 3540 IMG 3542

Students Create Field of Remembrance

Technology students have created a Field of Remembrance at our college. The images below show students with their teacher at the beginning of the project and then the finished result.
P1070238-1 P1070248
P1070247 P1070249

Our Field of Poppies

planting1 planting2
planting3 planting4


Taste of Anzac

For your enjoyment..all of our Food classes have baked these special biscuits in the week leading to Anzac Day.
1 c self-raising flour
1 c rolled oats
1 c sugar
1 c coconut
125 g butter
2 T golden syrup
3 T hot water
1 t bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
Combine flour, rolled oats, sugar and coconut in a large bowl
Heat butter and golden syrup in a pot until it boils, then remove from stove
Mix together hot water and baking soda and add to pot and stir until frothy
Quickly pour contents of pot into dry ingredients and mix well. Use a rubber scraper to remove all wet ingredients from the pot
Place teaspoonsful on a tray lined with baking paper and flatten slightly. Allow space to spread
Bake at 180°C, with tray just above the middle in the oven, for 15 minutes until golden brown
anzac biscuits

Year 9 Students' Anzac Quilts

This is the first of three quilts that are being made for Anzac day in the Year 9 Soft Materials classes. Students had to design their own quilt square as part of the project. The finished quilt is on display in reception at the college, and when all quilts are complete they will be donated to the community rest home
                    Anzac quilt

Digital Media Classes Remember WW1 at Auckland Museum

A recent Year 11 Digital Media trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum was an important element of their year long programme entitled World War 1 Commemoration, Then and Now.

Two classes (60 students) drew objects in the WW1 display areas, studied war medals and other objects on display related to New Zealand’s involvement in the great war and students drew the museum façade outside.
DSC 0157

DSC 0176
DSC 0177-739 DSC 0183

DSC 0202

Fashion Design Students Featured in Industry Publication

Four of our students are thrilled to be featured in the latest NZ Apparel magazine. In order in the top row left to right are Ankita Lekinwala, Mele Fetuani, Stephanie Tarawa and Priyanka Rana. (Disregard the Student1 etc labels, they are relevant to another article in the magazine).

These girls were entrants in the SewTec Young Junior Designer Competition at the end of last year.


  SewTec Magazine page-840