Junior Technology

Year 9 Technology Courses

At Lynfield College in Year 9, students are exposed to a variety of areas within Technology through an enriched rotational programme that provides practical and theoretical learning opportunities to engage and meet the needs of all students.

The areas are:
  • Food Technology
  • Soft Materials
  • Hard Materials- Electronics/wood, metal based technology
  • Digital Technologies – Robotics
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Year 10 Technology Courses

Students select a course/s as one of their options for the school year.
10TMH Technology Hard Materials

Students will design, develop and construct projects incorporating wood, metals, plastics and electronics. Students will learn correct methods of construction, operation of tools and equipment and processes. Students will also investigate the production process and material properties which they have used in each project and will be required to complete associated theory.
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10TMS Technology Soft Materials

Students develop fashion garments and products using a range of fabrics and applied design techniques. Students learn about sustainability and develop an outfit for the Trash to Fashion competition. This course prepares students for NCEA Level 1 Technology. Students are encouraged to be creative and produce work that is original and of a high standard.
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10FOT   Technology Food

The emphasis of this course is on food and nutrition, meal planning, food safety and product development. Students will also develop skills and confidence in food preparation and presentation.
10DVC Design and Visual Communications

The aim of this course is for students to develop creative drawing skills which they apply when solving problems set in the form of a design brief. A wide range of design skills are developed, along with the application of rendering in colour and practical modeling. Students will also develop skills in computer graphics using Sketch-up, Photoshop and Rhino solid modeling
10TEL Electronics – Robotics

Students will learn to design, construct and programme robots using Pic Axe software. Assemble electronic components, use stepper motors and programme their robots to perform a variety of tasks. This course will develop students’ knowledge and practical skills in a range of mechatronic areas.
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10TIMA Text Information Management (TIMA)

Students will gain transferrable computer skills and develop their design techniques. A range of full colour posters and brochures etc will be created and skills in spreadsheeting, image manipulation and web design will be further developed.
The aim of the course is to equip students with skills and knowledge essential for Tertiary studies and a wide range of careers that expect competent use of today’s information technology tools.
10TIMB Text Information Management (TIMB)

Students will gain a Digital Literacy qualification by completing the International Computer Driving Licence which is an internationally recognised computer skills assessment. This is a practical skill based course covering seven modules each with a practical online test. These modules require proficiency in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Computer Essentials, Online Essentials and Online Collaboration.
Students should only consider this option if they have access to the programmes at home and are committed to gaining the qualification. This course provides an excellent foundation for Year 11 NCEA Level 1 Digital Technology.