Digital Technologies

Our department is based in E Block where we have six computer labs. There are five specialist teachers and two full-time technicians for support. Facilities include Wi-Fi access and data projectors in all rooms.

Digital Technologies offers students a variety of courses to suit their interests and career pathways such as skill development, project planning and management, computer programming, app creation and writing code to create interactive websites. The courses at Year 13 use a range of Achievement Standards from Digital Technology and Technology which provide students with a pathway into tertiary studies or employment
The Department is guided by its own vision statement: “We endeavour to ensure our DTG students are confident in using technology, engaged in a challenging curriculum that is focused on inquiry-based hands-on learning, and develop responsibility for their own educational success.”
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Learning Outcomes :

Students will learn, develop and demonstrate the following skills:
  • Brief development and adapting to change
  • Project management using project planning tools
  • Effective communication when working with clients and presenting their work
  • Research which influences a creative and innovative project outcomes
  • Software selection appropriate for the task
  • Outcome development using design principles
  • Critical analysis of existing documents and their own work
  • Computer programing

Student opportunities and experiences:

Students are encouraged to extend themselves and develop a broad experience within areas related to DTG through the following opportunities:
  • Trips to workplaces where ICT is widely used
  • Guest speakers from a range of ICT areas
  • Competitions and Challenges
  • Work Choice Day – workplace visits
  • Working with a client to develop a project
  • After school Robotics club
Robotics             Robotics group

Career Pathways:

Career pathways include:
Graphic designer            multimedia designer      ICT technician            Software Help Desk
Personal Assistant         Software Developer       Web Designer            Call Centre Assistant
ICT Trainer                     Network Manager          Data Entry Operator   Systems Analysis
Officer Administrator       Teacher                        Software Engineer      Operational Researcher