Faculty Highlights 2013

Supreme Award for Emerging Creative Talent

Trash to fashion Supreme Award
Congratulations to Kayla Rousselle who in this year’s Trash to Fashion competition came first in the Untamed Category and also took out the Supreme Award.

Additionally she has been declared the winner in the Emerging Creative Category for the HETTANZ (Home Economics and Technology Teachers' Association of NZ) Fashion Awards 2013.

Kayla's ‘Tori No Su’ (bird’s nest) garment was selected from over 70 entries, from throughout New Zealand Secondary Schools and was selected to be on display at the TESAC conference in Wellington.

Trash to Fashion Projects

Year 10 students Kayla Rousselle and Bridget Logan-Haley

To start off our exciting year in Year 10 Soft Technology, we began with our Trash to Fashion project. This was also run as an after school club, where two groups of Year 9’s and two groups of Year 13’s also entered.

Trash to Fashion is a competition based on reusing recyclable materials. There are various categories ranging from glamorous ball gowns to avant-garde creations. First we researched previous year’s entries and winners to gain inspiration and to get an idea of the expectations involved. Our next set of research was to do with our chosen categories, and then we got designing…

Designing tested our creative abilities and made us think out of the box. Once we had our final design concepts, we started collecting our recyclable materials. We had a term to make our garments; we found that by the end we wished we had more time.

Once we had finally finished creating our garments, there was no time to relax, the semi-finals were here. Semi-finals were a blast! We had to model our own garments on a catwalk in front of a large audience. Back stage our nerves were at an all-time high.  Not only did we have to impress the judges on stage, we had to make a good impression on the backstage judges. The backstage judges queried us on our use of recyclable materials and asked about the different techniques we used to make our garments. We lined up in our groups at the side of the stage, waiting for our time to shine. Eventually, we got the chance to show off our garments. We had to do two rounds of the cat-walk.

IMG 9054(copy)(copy) IMG 9092(copy)(copy) IMG 9150(copy)
IMG 9194(copy) P1070345(copy) The feeling after we came off the stage was electric. We had our photos taken by a professional photographer, and then we got changed and went home. A week later, our results came in.

Unfortunately not everyone in our class made it through to the finals. It was a great experience all around, even if we didn’t all make it in.

Students who got into the Final were: Kayla Rousselle, Upasna Kumar, Suraiya Kanji ,Sophie Lin, Samantha Donovan, Dhrurva Patel and Fah Singhasenee.

Learning Support Group: Matariki Kites (as shown on the left) -Ashley Phillips, Lena Zhang Harap, Nicolette Half, Priyanka Anand, Sophia May and Rebecca Fleming-Yates.


Licensed to Drive Computers

A special assembly was held last week for the presentation of the ICDL certificates (International Computer Driving Licence). Rebecca Magee from 20/20 Communications Trust came to Lynfield College to present the certificates to 27 students who successfully completed the course in 2012.

The ICDL is the leading global digital literacy certification programme, with almost 10 million participants in 148 different countries and we were proud of our students who were awarded their certificates by Rebecca. The certificates came after a year of study where students had to pass seven online tests with a mark of 75 or better. These students now have a qualification which verifies that have digital literacy in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet and Email, Managing files and in Basic concepts of computing. Lynfield College offers this course as an option at Year 10.
The students who were awarded certificates were: Andrew Sampson, Luke Thompson, Henisha Tailor, Georgia Van Sambeek, Zachary Walker-Randell, Akanesi Fakafanua, Anjila Reddy, Priyanshi Kapadia, Dayne Andrews, Shrishti Aggarwal, Toraj Bakhtevari, Hamesh Bhana, Shelin Chandra, Ishmeen Dhaliwal, Prashant Kumar, Raynil Laxmidas, Diana Lim, Callum Magee, Anup Menon, Maitreyee Pande, Meet Patel, Nevil Patel, Pooja Patel, Rasmita Patel, Ruhi Patel, Gauri Prabhakar, and George Qiao.
The top 5 students – Raynil, George, Hamesh, Henisha and Luke all received an extra bonus of chocolates from Rebecca.

Childcare Students in Real Setting

Students from the Childcare Advanced class are spending time at various local early childhood education centres as part of their Alongside Work Experience for this year.

They gain valuable practical experience in a realistic work environment which helps them with the theory requirements of the course. In addition, two assessments must be carried out in an early childhood education centre, so students gain credits from this exercise. The students are really enjoying their time working with the children.

As Gillian Rushton, Teacher in Charge of Childcare classes, says

"We are very appreciative of the welcome and support given to our students by early childhood teachers in our community."

childcare2(copy) childcare1(copy)

Food and You Careers Experience Day

Student Angelique Kennedy reports:

On Friday the 17th of May Food and Nutrition and Hospitality Year 13 students had the opportunity to visit the Food and You Careers Experience day at the Kumeu Showgrounds. It was an informative and interactive day where students gained a better understanding of a variety of career opportunities in the food, farming and agriculture industry.

A number of organisations had hands on demonstrations of their leading technology; their presentations were interesting and fun for every student who came along, and some of these organisations were TB free New Zealand, Silver Ferns Farms and Dairy NZ. Students were also able to get a wider understanding of the food value chain by meeting and talking to educators from, Massey and Lincoln University, Taratahi, Telford and Primary ITO.

The students from Lynfield College had nothing but positive feedback, there was something for everyone to take interest in and enjoy.

"there was lots of interesting information about farming. I think I’d like to be a farmer’’

‘’learnt a lot of interesting facts about possums’’ 

‘’enjoyed all the free things- especially the jelly beans!’’.

Mrs Townsend, Faculty Leader Technology comments

‘’One of our faculty goals for the year is 'From classroom to career' so the trip fitted very well with this focus.’’

Even though the sunshine didn't come out for us and we spent most of the day using our waterproof ponchos and umbrellas the trip was overall very successful and I felt that everyone gained plenty of knowledge and had an enjoyable day.

Tech F and N Experience2(copy) Tech F and N Careers Exp3(copy)
Tech F and N Careers Exp4(copy) Tech F and N Careers Exp1(copy)

Thanks for  a quality report, Angelique.

More Quilts for World Vision


Lynfield College is continuing its quilt-making programme in conjunction with World Vision.

Devon Davids from World Vision has visited three Year 9 classes doing Technology (soft materials) to speak about the project they are involved in.

Each student has designed and is making an individual panel which is then to be sewn together as a whole quilt. The quilts then get taken to a country for whom World Vision are raising money and awareness. Last year they went to Papua New Guinea.

Devon talked to the girls about what World Vision does and the outcome of when they travel to these countries to donate the quilts and how much it means to them.

Our images show Ms Davids speaking to the class and the students and their designs at various stages of the Technology design process. Later in the year when the quilts are complete we will report again on this very worthwhile assignment!


DSCF9355(copy) DSCF9379(copy) DSCF9362(copy)
DSCF9367(copy) DSCF9368(copy) DSCF9360(copy)