Year 12 Curriculum

1 2  A R D  |  D E S I G N

During the year-long Year 12 Design programme students engage in cycles of research, design, and production of a set of playing cards based on characters from a theme of their choice.

Hand drawing, and digital drawing and painting are central to this programme.

Students use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to produce a large body of work using influences from a range of established Aotearoa New Zealand and international illustrators.

year 12 image a
Tanisha Mani
year 12 image b1
Hansika Tiyagura
  year 12 image c
Leann Chen
  year 12 image d
Tsukimi Umeno
year 12 image e
Sophia He
year 12 image f
Michelle Lin

1 2  A R P  |  P A I N T I N G

Students engage in practical work including drawing and painting. Students choose to work with acrylic, watercolour, oil paint OR digitally paint on a Wacom tablet. Students develop a theme of their choice and work with the teacher to extend their ideas visually.

Idea generation and development underpin the production of artwork and presentation of a body of work for a portfolio. Students engage in cycles of research and investigation of pictorial ideas related to a thematic focus for the duration of the course.


year 12 image g
Shanaya Pallawella

year 12 image i
Varsha Soni
  year 12 image h
Emma Simon
year 12 image l2
Sarah Craig
year 12 image j
Alexandra Pullen
  year 12 image k
Zoia Kumaat

1 2  P H O  |  P H O T O G R A P H Y

Students get creative with photography, using established practice while exploring themes such as portraiture, still life, landscape and collage. Students will analyse imagery, develop their visual literacy, investigate camera techniques, lighting, digital skills (Photoshop).

year 12 image m
Gabi Cheong
  year 12 image n
Adya Gomber
year 12 image p
Natalie Recker
  year 12 image o
Visha Chandra
year 12 image r3
Ethan Buckland