ANG 6149-498 ANG 6140-571

Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. An understanding of Science is becoming increasingly important in today’s technologically advanced world, and at the science faculty, it is our goal to not only provide students with a better appreciation of how Science affects them, but also to inspire them to explore the world around them using scientific skills, and to go on and contribute the science ideas of the future.
Our students will learn how to generate and test ideas, gather data through observation, investigation and modeling, and share their ideas using a range of communication tools.
Students with a true passion for the Sciences are catered for through the Advanced Sciences programme which can take them from Year 9 all the way to Year 13 and Scholarship. At the Science faculty, we are very proud of our students’ success at the scholarship level. Not only do our students attain scholarships, some of them attain at the outstanding level. There has also been considerable success at all levels in other competitions such as ICAS Science, the Australian Science/Chemistry quizzes and the Biology Olympiad. The Advanced programme is designed to support those students with an aptitude and passion for Science, and help them to reach their aspirations be it in the medical, engineering or scientific fields.