Economics is the study of how people as individuals and groups satisfy their wants by allocating and managing scarce resources.

A study of Economics enables students to participate effectively in economic activity and contribute to their future economic well-being.  Economics issues highlight the fundamental interdependence between New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum Framework

Economics contributes to the Essential Learning Area of Social Sciences in that it enables students to understand economic processes such as how people produce, exchange and use goods and services.  They will also gain an understanding of economic activities which are important to New Zealand and an awareness of New Zealand's dependence on marketing and trade. 

Economics also contributes to the Essential Learning Area of Technology through a study of the impact of technology on decisions about the use of technology in relation to society, environment and the economy.  They will learn to appraise the potential costs and benefits of various technological applications.

The following essential skills as identified in the New Zealand Curriculum Framework are specifically acquired through a study of economics: problem-solving skills (including thinking and decision - making skills), information skills (including investigative skills), numeracy skills (including statistical skills) and communication skills. Economics will also help students to clarify and develop their own values and beliefs and to respect and be tolerant of the values and beliefs of others.

Entry Point                                             

At Years 9 and 10 we offer a variety of programmes to enable students to achieve economics education objectives.  Economics is offered at Lynfield in Years 11, 12 and 13.

RBNZ Monetary Policy Challenge

Our senior students regularly participate in this prestigious event and in the latest round the Lynfield students did exceptionally well receiving a Distinction grade and being "unlucky to miss out on the National Final due to the very high calibre of teams this year" (competition feedback)