Design and Visual Communication

Design and Visual Communication is offered from Year 10 through to Year 13. This subject is designed to introduce students to design as a vocation and to develop their skills as designers of both products and spaces.
All the senior courses are assessed through the Design and Visual Communication standards under the Technology umbrella. These are university approved standards. In Year 11, 12 and 13 students will have the opportunity to gain course endorsement. Year 13 students can also enter Scholarship in Design and Visual Communication. IMG 20150618 114651-314 IMG 20150618 123350-590
Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn, develop and demonstrate the following skills:
Visual Communication skills:
  • Freehand sketching of objects and environments using appropriate Graphics modes of drawing and media.
  • Effective rendering using a variety of media
  • Computer aided modelling using industry level applications
  • Image manipulation using Photoshop for presentation.
  • Sketch modelling and prototyping of design ideas.
Design Skills:
  • Generating Design ideas using a variety of approaches
  • Analysis of the designed world around them
  • Effectively communicate about and evaluate design ideas
  • Appreciation of the history of design
  • Ability to emulate design approaches of other designers
  • Development of effective Design Briefs
  • Design development and resolution into final designs.
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Opportunities and Experiences:
Design & Visual Communication uses projects as a vehicle for learning. The courses offer students the opportunity to generate design solutions in a variety of contexts and with a variety of outcomes. At a senior level students will begin to choose their own projects and engage with the wider community in exploring their designs ideas. Some examples of the projects undertaken are: Cultural landscape design, Entrance to Motat design, Gallipoli memorial design, craft knife project. At the end of term three senior students exhibit their work to their communities in the Technology Showcase. Year 10 students have their own showcase in Term 4.