Accounting is the study of the processes of translating financial transaction data into information to assist decision-makers to make relevant, accurate and timely decisions.A study of accounting will enable students to understand the processes involved in recording, classifying, analyzing and interpreting financial information.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum
Accounting contributes primarily to the Learning Area of Mathematics in that it enables students to collect, organise and interpret data in order to generalise from patterns and relationships, to tackle problems in realistic concepts which have real life meaning and to develop logical approaches to procedures and financial decision-making.

Accounting also contributes to other Learning Area in particular to Technology through the use of technological applications of spreadsheets and databases.  Accounting programmes will address the New Zealand Curriculum requirements relating to the Principles, Values, and Key Competencies (thinking, using language, symbols and texts, managing self, relating to others, participating, and contributing).

Accounting is offered at Lynfield in Years 11, 12 and 13.

C.E.T.A. Accounting Pursuit Competition

At the annual C.E.T.A. (Commerce and Economics Teachers' Association) Pursuits Competition for schools in the greater Auckland region, our Accounting Team came second in the Auckland Regional Accounting Competition. A fabulous achievement!
The students took part in a series of seven rounds of competition with seven questions per round to achieve second place. The students found it an excellent way to prepare for upcoming examinations and thoroughly enjoyed this testing yet entertaining evening.