2015 Faculty Highlights

Senior Biologists Tuned into Evolution

We had Tore Kronqvist visiting last week to demonstrate to Year13 Biology students the cultural evolution of tools in hominin species. He shows how even primitive Oldowan tools required thought and skill to make. He showed how tools became increasingly complex through Achuelian, Mousterian and Upper Paleolithic eras.

He was also kind enough to donate some finished pieces to the school for use in teaching.

The Year 13 students couldn't get enough and kept asking questions long after his scheduled leaving time.
Tore Kronqvist-137

Next Top Engineering Scientist 2015

Now in its seventh year, this annual competition is a problem solving event for teams of three to four secondary students, organised by the Department of Engineering Science at University of Auckland.

The 2015 competition was held on Saturday, 1st of August. The question was posted online at  9 am and students had to compile a report and email it to the organisers by the 6pm deadline.
2015 question: If a New Zealand student uploads a video clip that goes viral, how long will it take before 1% of the world’s population has seen it?
This year, we had 11 teams of Year 12 and Year 13 students competing. The judges at the university are now going through hundreds of reports and the results of the competition will be released early next term.

Getting to grips with the question...
A Year 13 team..
A Year 12 team..