Evan Huang Receives MOE Gifted Learners Award

Congratulations to Evan Huang on receiving a Ministry of Education Award Gifted Learners Award in 2021.

The Gifted Learners Awards are for learners or groups of learners who identify as gifted or have exceptional abilities. These Awards look to support a range of learners, from early childhood to school leaving age, to extend and challenge themselves in areas in which they excel.


  • 2022 New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics(NZOI) Camp
  • 2021 New Zealand Informatics Competition (NZIC), 18th place
  • 2021 New Zealand Programming Contest(NZPC), 18th place
  • 2021 VEX IQ Robotics World Championships
  • 2021 New Zealand Maths Olympiad (NZMO), Bronze Medal
  • 2021 American Mathematics Competition (AMC8), Honour Roll of Distinction; NZ First Place, Worldwide Top 1%
  • 2021 Otago Maths Competition, Top 30
  • 2021 New Zealand International Biology Olympiad (NZIBO), Bronze Award
  • 2022 NZIBO Tutorial Programme
  • 2021 ICAS Digital Technologies, Distinction


  • 2022 New Zealand Maths Olympiad (NZMO) Camp, Candidate
  • 2021 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC): waiting result
  • 2021 Sports or Creative Scholarship, Lynfield College, Candidate
  • 2021 NZQA Scholarship: Technology, Candidate

Evan and his family would like to thank Ms Tess Morrison and Mr Kyle Larsen (Gifted Education Programme Coordinators) for their help and support.

Otago Maths Competition Results 2021

This year we had 17 self-selected candidates in the Otago Maths Competition. 4500 students entered from 140 schools throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Three of our students were selected to join the top 1600 for the more difficult Round 2. These were Sarah Bai in Y9, Daisy Chen in Y10 and Evan Huang, also in Y10.

The following awards have been given to our students. Merit is awarded for being in the top 50% of results:

Sarah Bai:  Merit in Round 2
Alina Murrumkar:  Merit in Round 1
Jacky Zhou:  Merit in Round 1

Evan Huang:  Top 30 in Round 2
Daisy Chen:  Merit in Round 2
Calum Bint:  Merit in Round 1
Miyu Okuwaki:  Merit in Round 1

Mei Matsuki:  Merit in Round 1
Angel Yee:  Merit in Round 1

Congratulations to all these students.