Year 10

Drama Focus

The Year 10 Drama course runs for half the year for four periods per week.

The course focuses on the development of acting, research, and creative storytelling skills. Communication and social skills are developed through group activities. The learning activities and skills developed are as follows:

Students learn the techniques, elements and conventions of drama in a range of improvisation activities. They explore performance skills incorporating the techniques of movement, body, voice and space

Theatre Form: Commedia dell'arte Research
Students research the history and performance conventions of Commedia dell’arte characters. This unit concludes with the creation of a power point and presentation of their findings

Theatre Form: Commedia dell'arte Performance
Students explore and apply the performance conventions of Commedia dell’arte through a series of practical lessons. This unit concludes with students performing a devised performance in a commedia style

Devising Drama
Students investigate conventions involved in the creation of short original performances from a variety of stimuli. They devise original performance pieces incorporating the various conventions and elements required to create successful theatre. Students will also use theatre technologies of lighting, sound, costume, props and set to enhance their devised pieces

Page to Stage
Students work with short scripts to investigate notions of storytelling, dialogue, character creation and the common elements of a play/story. The final presentation is developed into a whole class performance which is presented to an audience

Written Exam
Students complete a written exam near the end of the course that examines their understanding of techniques, elements, conventions and technologies used to create successful theatre.

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