Year 9 Dance and Drama Combined

The New Zealand Curriculum Arts - Dance and Drama Achievement Objectives


Strand Learning Area Understanding the Arts in Context (UC) Developing Practical Knowledge (PK) Developing Ideas
Communicating and Interpreting
Achievement Objective
Level 4
Year 9
 Investigate the
 functions, purposes
 and technologies of
 drama in cultural and
 historical contexts.
 Select and use  
 techniques and relevant 
 technologies to develop  
 drama practice.
 Use conventions to
 structure drama.
 Initiate and refine ideas
 with others to plan and
 develop drama.
 Present and respond to
 drama, identifying ways in
 which elements techniques,
 conventions, and
 technologies create
 meaning in their own and
 others’ work.
 Explore and describe
 how dance is used
 for different purposes
 in a variety of
 cultures and
 Apply the dance
 elements to extend
 personal movement skills
 and vocabularies and to
 explore the vocabularies
 of others.
 Combine and contrast
 the dance elements to
 express images,
 ideas, and feelings in
 dance, using a variety
 of choreographic
 Prepare and present dance,
 with an awareness of the
 performance context.
 Describe and record how the
 purpose of selected dances
 is expressed through the
Rehearsing Clown  Movement DSC01302


The New Zealand Curriculum Identifies Five Key Competencies  (Capabilities for living and lifelong learning)
1 2 3 4 5
Thinking. Using language, symbols and texts. Managing self. Relating to others. Participating and contributing.
 Students will be creative,
 inventive and solve problems
 related to performance briefs.
 Imagination and memory will
 be developed.
 Students will use spoken
 language, body language
 plus write and interpret
 Students will be responsible
 for completion of homework
 tasks and group
 Students will relate to members
 of their group and  will present
 ideas related to groups and
 situations in their performance
 Students will participate as
 part of a group and
 contribute ideas when
 devising dance and drama
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Learning in Dance and Drama offers excellent opportunities to develop skills across all five key competencies.
The Year 9 Dance and Drama course gives students an introduction to skills developed in both dance and drama performing arts.  The course runs for two terms three periods per week.


First Term - Dance

Second Term - Drama

Improvisation /Introduction to acting technique

Students learn improvisation skills that use drama techniques of voice, body, movement and space to create drama and dance performance. Some contact improvisation is explored in relation to dance.

Theatre Form/History

Students research a variety of clown styles.

They present their findings to the class in a power point format.

Dance Performance

Introduction to dance performance.

Students learn and perform a folk-fusion dance based on a music composition entitled Funky Celtic Turkish Dude. The focus is on unison and timing.

Drama Devising and Performance

Students will develop original clown characters. They will explore action, relationship and situation through group-devised clown character performances.


Introduction to choreography.

Students work collaboratively in groups to choreograph a group dance based on a given brief. They may include movement from a range of dance styles.


This is a short end of course unit that explores a range of exercises designed to develop specific performance techniques related to both drama and dance.



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