Year 9

Drama Focus

The Year 9 Drama course runs for half the year for three periods per week.

Acting is central to the Year 9 Drama course. Other activities include research and power point presentations as well as putting together costume ensembles. Students improve their confidence, knowledge and practical performance skills. The course aims to make play-making fun. Students develop skills in Drama performance as well as create and present their own characters in Drama.

Terms 1 and 3

Improvisation Acting Technique)
Students learn improvising skills as well as how to use voice, body, movement and space

Greek Theatre Research and Powerpoint Presentation

Students research an aspect of Ancient Greek Theatre in pairs then present this to class using Powerpoint

Greek Chorus Performance
In groups, students perform a scripted chorus 
piece from an ancient Greek play.

Terms 2 and 4

Devising (Conventions and Elements)
Students devise their own plays using an image as a starter

Working with Scripts

Students rehearse and learn a scripted scene and which they perform in front of their peers

Drama Vocabulary Tests
Students are tested on Drama terminology.

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