Creative Arts

Te Toi Whakairo, Ka ihiihi, ka wehiwehi, ka aweawe, te ao katoa

                                          Artistic Excellence makes the world sit up in wonder

The Lynfield College Creative Arts Faculty aspires to provide all students with a supportive, inclusive and productive environment that promotes their wellbeing. We also seek to inspire students to achieve educational excellence through a rich learning and social environment.

Reflecting the New Zealand Curriculum, coursework in all creative arts disciplines at all levels is structured around four inter-related strands:

  • Understanding the Creativity in Context       
  • Developing Practical Knowledge in the creative arts
  • Developing Ideas in the creative arts                   
  • Communicating and Interpreting in the creative arts

Reflecting the Senior Secondary Arts Teaching and Learning Guide our vision is for young people who through the creative arts:
  • Participate in collaborative and individual endeavours that contribute to community well-being and personal identity
  • Form and frame their identity through physical, imagined, and digital worlds
  • Create and challenge ideas that reflect, communicate, and change views of the world
  • Express and interpret ideas within creative, aesthetic, and technological frameworks, thereby building the confidence to take risks
  • Learn how to think 'outside the box', engage with unexpected outcomes, and discover multiple solutions to challenging problems
  • Develop greater consciousness and resilience for their futures
  • Explore and celebrate artistic expressions of self, community, and culture
  • Are empowered to deepen their notions of identity
  • Specialise in the disciplines of dance, drama, music and sound, visual creative arts, and art history, or undertake study in multimedia and other new technologies
  • Build on their experiences, and create, perform, and evaluate art works of increasing sophistication and complexity
  • Learn to view their world from new perspectives

Available Courses

Drama  |  Dance  |   Music  |  Music Academy  |  Visual Arts  |  Pacific Arts

Drama  |  Dance  |   Music  |  Visual Arts

Drama  |  Music Studies  |   Music Projects  |  Visual Arts  |  Visual Arts Digital Media

Dance  |  Drama  |  Music Studies  |   Music Projects  |  Visual Arts Painting  |  Visual Arts Design  |  Visual Arts Photography

Drama  |  Music  |  Visual Arts Design  |  Visual Arts Painting/Printmaking  |  Visual Arts Photography