The fool wanders, a wise man travels.
Thomas Fuller

Tourism is the fastest growing and biggest service industry in New Zealand. The course gives students the skills, knowledge and understanding required to understand and participate in the travel and tourism sector to the New Zealand economy
Our programme has a strong vocational focus and students will learn a range of transferable skills that are valued in the tourism industry and other customer-focused or service industries.
The programme consists of 24 Level 2 and 24 Level 3 Unit Standard credits. All standards are internally assessed and offer resubmission opportunities. There is no examination for Tourism.

Every year, we run day trips to Rainbow’s End, SkyTower and Auckland Jetboat and an overnight trip with the Geography department to Rotorua to meet industry professionals and experience tourism attractions and activities.
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In Year 12 we learn about:
Work Roles in Tourism – The employment opportunities available in the travel and tourism and the skills required to perform them well.
Tourist Characteristics and Needs - The reasons tourists travel to New Zealand and the specific needs different tourist types have.
Destination New Zealand – Patterns of travel within New Zealand and between New Zealand and other countries.
World Tourist Destinations – The attractions, activities and events that attract tourists to international destinations.
Impacts of tourism on the Physical Environment – How tourism can impact on the natural world. Case studies include Hauraki Gulf and Great Barrier Reef.

Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism – How tourism can impact local peoples’ lives and culture. Case studies include Rotorua and Bali.

Business of Tourism – Key New Zealand employers in Tourism and what products and services they offer.
In Year 13 we learn about:

Destination NZ, Destination Australia & Destination South Pacific – Key attractions, transport methods, accommodation and climate information.