Year 13

NCEA Level 3

13 Drama is both a theoretical and performance-based course that explores Drama techniques, elements, conventions, and theatre technologies.

Much of the work undertaken will be assessed based on a final performance for each achievement standard. However, written records of the process undertaken towards performance will be necessary to show understanding of the concepts and terminology used. Student work is assessed by the following Achievement Standards.

Drama Studies

Drama 3.1  |  Interpret scripted text to integrate drama techniques in performance
For this achievement standard students’ work individually, in pairs  trios or a group of four to interpret a scripted scene. They use drama techniques and character exercises to develop their scenes. They then rehearse, learn their lines and perform their pieces to the class. The assessed final performance will be played to their peers and filmed for assessment and moderation purposes

Drama 3.2  |  
Devise and perform a drama to realise a concept
For this achievement standard students’ work individually or in small groups to create an original theatre piece. The piece could be based on a specific 20th Century decade with sociological or political issues that interest them. Students research, write and perform their pieces to the class. Students may employ the features of theatre forms they have studied prior to year 13. They may choose naturalistic or non-naturalistic approaches to material and incorporate music, song, dance and movement to express a clear concept in imaginative ways. There is an evening show casing the final pieces to friends and family at the end of Term Two. This final performance is filmed for assessment and moderation purposes

Drama 3.6  |  Perform a substantial acting role in a significant production
Students participate in a scripted class production. The choice of play script will reflect student’s maturity and ability to handle contexts that may explore significant social and or historical issues. This will demand individual and group skills. Their ability to take direction and reflect on the deeper meaning of the play will be essential. The production will also certainly require out of class rehearsals. The final show will be filmed for assessment in front of a live audience in an evening performance

Drama 3.7  |  Demonstrate understanding of live drama performance
Students will attend at least two live professional theatre productions during the year. The external exam requires them to demonstrate their understanding of specified aspects of the productions they have viewed as a member of an audience. The level of success achieved in the external exam will enable their course work to be endorsed with Merit or Excellence as appropriate (External).

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