Home Economics

Home Economics at Lynfield College provides information and strategies for individual well-being and healthy living.

Home Economics also focuses on developing knowledge and skills about the preparation, and serving of food for family and friends.
We want our young people to be:
  • Confident when making food choices based on sound nutritional knowledge
  • Connected within the classroom, family and wider community
  • Actively involved and contributing positively
  • Lifelong learners within a sustainable world environment

In the senior school, Home Economics is studied at Levels 1, 2 and 3. At each year level students are assessed using Achievement Standards that are university approved and allow students to gain course endorsement.
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Learning Outcomes in Home Economics

Throughout the courses of Home Economics students will demonstrate understanding of the following topics:
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Practical food preparation skills
  • Nutrition
  • Connection of food and culture
  • Food labelling
  • Sports nutrition
  • Health promotion
  • Food choices
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Home Economics career pathways
Health promotion
Food marketing
Public health
Early childhood education
Food technology
Nutritionist in various areas such as sports nutrition, food companies and private practice
Careers in health science and all aspects of catering and hospitality