2016 Highlights

Two Through to Linguistics Olympiad Final

Two Year13 students, Kate Heslop and Angela Competente, have made it through to the final round of the New Zealand Linguistics Olympiad.
Kate and Angela  were among nearly 300 competitors from around the country who solved complicated language problems in a two hour test. The questions included deciphering Javanese script and translating chemical elements from Irish (Gaeilge) to English!
In preparation for the test, nine senior students from Lynfield College completed many practice puzzles. Mr Bangs also gave a presentation on vocal sounds, and we practised making vowel sounds from all over the throat!
The competition, in its second year, is organised by the Linguistics Society of New Zealand and the various university Linguistics Departments.  The purpose is to develop students’ academic abilities in analysis and logical thinking.
The top 20 students nationwide will compete in another round of problems on April 1st. The students will also hear from top linguistic scholars.

Best wishes for further success, Kate and Angela!