Te Reo & International Languages


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All students at Year 9 study a language for a half-year programme. This gives students a “taste” of the language and culture, forming a strong base for further study. Students select a language from a choice of four. Te Reo Maori, German, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese are available from Year 9 – Year 13. Spanish is offered in Year 12. Studying a language through to Year 13 gives students a strong background in a language.  This will broaden their employment options, both in New Zealand and internationally, in fields such as commerce, tourism and law.

Reasons for Learning Languages

  • Globalisation:The realities of globalisation make the speaking of languages more important than ever.
  • Understanding:A language is a very rewarding challenge that helps you to better understand your own language AND broadens your awareness of other cultures.
  • Networking:If you enjoy meeting people from different cultures, you’ll be able to communicate with them on their terms if you learn languages.
  • Careers:A language broadens your choice of career.
  • School Exchanges: School trips to China, Germany and Japan.
  • Increases your intellectual capacity: Research has shown that those who learn languages have quicker minds!