This subject offers students the opportunity to experience the many skills an engineer has to employ. From analysing needs and opportunities, through the design process, right up to realising their ideas by building actual solutions. Students learn about a variety of materials and generate a range of solutions in response to real world problems.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will be confident:
  • Analysing design issues arising from the world around them.
  • Consulting the people they will be impacting and using that feedback.
  • Generating design visuals to communicate their ideas.
  • Comparing the properties and characteristics of a range of materials.
  • Selecting appropriate tools and techniques to carry out practical activity.
  • Finishing their creations to a suitable standard.
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Opportunities and Experiences

Students will have the opportunity to meet practising engineers in a range of specialist siituations.
They will be exposed to a series of taster courses throughout the year and have the opportunity to attend them.


Career Pathways

Building and construction manager
Civil engineering technician
Fabrication engineer
Environmental engineer
Structural engineer
Quantity surveyor
Regional planner
Tertiary lecturer