Former Students' Profiles

The enthusiasm and ability demonstrated  in the Arts Faculty courses often steer students into further education and career pathways where they extend their creative talents. Several  students from recent years are profiled below..

Kerryn Smith

 Design Student at AUT
Art Blog:

I took design for 3 years at Lynfield College. It was a subject that continually engaged and inspired me throughout high school, leading me to enrol in the Graphic Design degree at AUT. I am currently in my second year of study and enjoying the challenges that come with every new project.

As part of the AUT Design course I have been able to develop and hone a range of new skills including Illustration, Photography, Animation, Web design/Coding and Design theory/writing.

I don’t think Design is something you can get bored of. Design saturates our everyday lives and is constantly evolving as technology and styles change. It is our past, present and future and I am personally excited to see where it takes me.
                              Kerryn Smith Selfie

Some examples of Kerryn's design work and photography

Matariki T-shirt Design Web Design     Kerryn Smith
                  Fashion Shoot 1 Fashion Shoot 2       Still Life 1
Still Life 4 Still Life 3 Still Life 2

Mehul Patel

Architecture student at University of Auckland

 During my years at Lynfield College I had a strong focus towards Graphics and Visual Art Design. Both courses have helped teach me the essential skills for digital manipulation, presentation skills and the basic understanding of technical drawings all, of which are fundamental as a student of architecture.

Architecture has become a great experience for me, with its interactive studios and its constant push to challenge. I would definitely like to take the skills I have learnt through my years and apply them out into the growing field as a young architect.

The opportunities are vast in the field of architecture and I encourage anyone who is interested in taking up the challenge.

Some examples of Mehul's design work..

Stephanie Love

Studying Graphic Design at AUT
Stephanie Love left Lynfield in 2012. Whilst at Lynfield Stephanie studied Visual Digital Media at Level One, Visual Art Design and Graphics at Level Two and Three. She was awarded Excellence for her Level Three Design folio submission and she was also successful in her scholarship submission that went with her folio. Stephanie left Lynfield to study Graphic Design at AUT.

Link here to a folio of Stephanie's work at AUT

Some of Stephanie's work..



Tia Feng

Fashion Design New York
I write this now from New York City, where I am interning, two years after my graduation from high school. There is no doubt that my time at Lynfield College has shaped who I am today, and painted the vision of the person I aspire to be in the future.

Fashion was always a hobby of mine, but it was not until my last year of high school that I made a decision to take it seriously as a degree. I took Design at Level 3 and I have not looked back since. I have been in Toronto, Canada,  on a 6 month exchange at the school of fashion at Ryerson University while interning at the fashion department of MTV Canada. During the summer I am working in NYC, interning at various fashion houses.

Lynfield College has no shortage of great teachers, but it was the Visual Arts teachers that have particularly shaped the path I am on now. It would be no exaggeration to say I learnt the fundamental basics of design during my time there. When I look back to the past, there is only gratitude and sincere appreciation for this department and its teachers .It is the teachers who instil inspiration, perseverance, and an artistic voice, three necessary qualities any artist needs to succeed.

With a variety of Visual Arts, Lynfield College makes it easy to experiment with both the practical and digital worlds of art. Plus one cannot forget the ample supply of materials to work with!

An example of Tia's fashion design work..