Faculty Highlights

Pat Hanly Creativity Award Nominees

Shanaya Pallawela Kasturiarachchi (3ARP) and Danny Dong (2ARP) have been selected by the Visual Arts department to represent our school for this year's Pat Hanly Creativity Awards, held at Auckland Art Gallery, Toi O Tamaki. Both students are senior painters under the guidance of Ms Van Heeswijk. Good luck and best wishes to both Shanaya and Danny with their submissions.

This is an annual event where Auckland schools select their top Year 13 and Year 12 art students who show outstanding talent and commitment to the visual arts.

Here is a link for more information: Pat Hanly Creativity Awards

art a

Above: Shanaya Pallawela Kasturiarachchi Oil on canvas, 2023

Artist Statement: The focus is on the theme 'Death', the idea that everyone dies. The woman crying - the two images on her forehead represent her thoughts about living and dying. Girl with a death-mask shows that all living things die. The skull represents death, the roses represent the stages of life.

Right: Danny Dong Oil on canvas, 2023

Artist statement: This painting shows a deer sticking their head through a broken man-made structure. Two formally dressed, emotionless people, are taping the deer in captivity. The deer looks at the audience with glittering eyes. Through symbolism, this piece explains the idea of humans forcing animals into habitats to which they cannot adapt.

  art b

Photography, Visual Arts and Design Media Focus


There is some outstanding work being produced by our current crop of Year 12 Photography students. Ms Stead wants to acknowledge the work produced by two students: George Wang and Linda Liao.

art c1
art d1  
George Wang

George has created images of beauty and understanding, especially his still
life work.

As shown by his triptych above, he is equally at ease with landscape photography.
  art e1
art h art i art j
art f   Linda Liao

Linda’s images demonstrate an
understanding of conventions of Photography.

She is equally at ease with portrait, landscape and still life.

Linda has an imaginative response to image making.
  art g



Here are some examples of work being produced in Level 3 Design this Term. They are currently at the halfway mark with their folio production.

art k

Michelle Lin
art l

Mina Tabaru
art m

Hannah Le

art n

Kiara Milich
  art o
Jeremy Watson



art p

Finn Lovie-Tyler
  art q

Kaea MacDonald
art r
Mira Davy
art s
Noah Pin
art t
Anika Wong