History is the self-consciousness of humanity.


Waikumete Trip-9
Year 12 History students on an historic tour of Waikumete 
History allows us to gain an insight into society – to know where we have come from helps us to gain an understanding of where we are going in the future. In History at Lynfield College, we study how forces and movements influence events and people and what impact these have upon us as New Zealanders.
What We Learn in Year 11 (Level One):

Fight for Rights

In this topic we look at the difficulties African-Americans had to face from being freed from slavery to laws that imposed segregation. We also look at the way in which these ‘separate but equal’ laws were unjust and the affect they had on African-Americans. We look into the use of Martin Luther King’s non-violent protest approach for African-American to gain equality and the more radical approaches of the Black Muslims, Black Power and Black Panthers.  

Conflict and Protest

In this topic we look at significant events that have shaped New Zealand’s Identity. These include the Bastion Point Land occupation, 1981 Springbok tour, the Maori Land March and the opposition to Nuclear Testing. We look at different people’s perspectives on some of the contentious issues in New Zealand during the later part of the 20th Century.  

War of all Wars

This topic covers the Second World War and its impact. This war was a traumatic event for much of humanity and its impact is still felt today. We look at the Treaty of Versailles and how this was supposed to be the end of the greatest war of all time – the First World War and the significance that this treaty had on contributing to the beginning of the Second World War. We look at the rise of Hitler and the surrounding events that began what was just a European War. We also study the alliances that were made to understand why Japan’s attack on U.S Pearl Harbour made a European War into a World War.
What We Learn in Year 12 ( Level 2):

Revolution in Russia

In this topic we examine the consequences of the collapse of a 500 year old oppressive dynasty and the Communist government that replaced it. We study the impact the man who survived being poisoned, shot, hit over the head and finally drown - Rasputin made on the already unstable Tsarist monarchy. This topic also covers the formation of the first communist government in the world under the leadership of Lenin.

The Cold War

This topic covers the Cold War period from the end of World War II until the fall of communism in what was the Soviet Union. Key events covered include the Korean War, the spread of communism to China, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. This course looks at why communism was an appealing ideology to different countries and why the USA was compelled to stop it from spreading. 

What we learn in Year 13 (Level 3):

The Tudors:
Henry VIII was one of the most infamous British monarch due to his reformation of the church so he could marry six wives in total. This topic covers the reign of Henry VIII and his children Edward, Mary and Elizabeth. Key events covered include the reformation of the church and the Spanish Armada. 

Treaty of Waitangi:
This topic looks at the causes of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi including the arrival of different groups such as sealers, whalers, missionaries and traders to New Zealand and increasing European migration. We also cover the treaty itself and the consequences of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi such as conflict between Maori and Europeans, increasing immigration to New Zealand, the formation of Kingitanga and the more recent Waitangi Tribunal.

USA between the Wars:
Guns, grog and gangs are the main themes of this topic which is set in the USA in the 1920's. We cover the introduction of the prohibition of alcohol and its consequences which included the rise of gangsters such as Al Capone. We also look at another key event of the 20th Century - The Great Depression and its consequences for people both in the USA and around the world. 


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Year 13 History students undertaking research at the Auckland Museum and the research centre at the Auckland Central Library