This subject offers students the opportunities to not only learn about the physics involved in electronic products but to interact with components and circuits as they build their own electronic environments. They will be able to identify and select appropriate circuits to meet a range of situations. Some of these will involve the use of information technology to programme integrated circuits to be part of larger control units. All of these activities will help them understand the digital world they are already a part of.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be confident:
  • Identifying electronic environments they use every day.
  • Identifying the solutions offered by control systems.
  • Designing their own control systems using electronic interfaces.
  • Selecting the appropriate hardware to allow construction of control system.
  • Manufacturing electronic interfaces.
  • Programming electronic interfaces to meet a specified need.


Opportunities and Experiences
Students will experience a range of real life situations and applications.
They will have the opportunity to meet practicing electronic engineers and learn about life after school.
They will also have the option to enter a national competition and compete with their own ideas and solutions.
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Career Pathways
Just some of the careers available:
Security system engineer
Electrical engineering technician
Lift Technician
Refrigeration/air-conditioning technician
Electronics trades worker
Telecommunications engineer
Telecommunications Technician
Energy auditor
Urban planner
Electronics engineer