Te Reo


‘Tôku reo, tôku ohooho, tôku reo, tôku mapihi maurea!’
My language is my strength and my awakening!

Learning the Maori language benefits all cultures. Knowledge of the Maori language and tikanga promote a commitment to biculturalism and fosters the ability to work in a bicultural or multicultural setting.  The knowledge of Te Reo Mâori and tikanga gives students many career opportunities, both within New Zealand and overseas. 
In Year 9 students will learn basic greetings, and begin to become familiar and comfortable with marae Marae protocol and tikanga. They will also learn to talk about their family, friends and school.  Year 9 has a great emphasis on the spoken language, and being able to identify and understand simple language.
The Year 10 -13 programmes begin to develop not only the students language skills, through the six language modes of speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and presenting.  Students will also begin to expand their knowledge and familiarity of cultural processes and their importance to Mâori, as well as taking part in and running these processes within our school.  Students will become aware of the fact that the language and culture run hand in hand, and the senior programmes reflect this through the thematic units students will undertake.  Students will also learn about and be involved with Mâori performing arts and Mâori visual arts throughout all year levels.