Health and Physical Education

We teach Health & Physical Education to empower young adults to remain active and to learn to work co-operatively and constructively with people of all cultures and abilities. We endeavour to give students the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions on how to live a healthy life.
Striving for excellence from a teaching and learning perspective is a key focus as is the importance of providing our students with courses that are meaningful, relevant and suited to their future interests and ability.
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Junior Health and Physical Education

Junior Physical Education

Our junior physical education program is underpinned by the New Zealand Curriculum and offers variety and challenge to help motivate our students to achieve to their potential.

The Year 9 course consists of 4 units of work:
  • Performance Improvement
  • Teaching games for understanding (TGFU)
  • Movement
  • Step up to the plate

The Year 10 course consists of 4 units of work:
  • Performance Improvement
  • Teaching games for understanding (TGFU)
  • Challenges
  • World series of softball
In addition to these units students are assessed over the course of the year against a criteria based on Hellison’s model of personal and social responsibility.

Within each unit teachers use a range of contexts or activities to deliver the objectives of the unit. Each class programme is tailored to suit the collective needs and desires of that class. Students are consulted at the beginning of each unit and their ideas are incorporated into it. We believe this is fundamental in developing class ownership of their learning.

The aim of the junior Physical Education program is for all students to have experienced a sense of achievement as well as developing the skills and knowledge necessary to continue on into NCEA Physical Education

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Junior Health

The Health programme is concerned with enhancing personal and social well-being of all students.

It encompasses a holistic Hauora approach, focussing on intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. The department  works to ensure that our students can make informed and valuable choices in relation to all four dimensions of Hauora in order for them to be enriched citizens in society 

Topics include:

  • Self Esteem

  • Making Healthy Choices (drug education)

  • Food and Health

  • Building Relationships

  • Managing Change

  • Bullying

  • Sexuality


Year 12 Physical Education

Year 12 PE is about developing who you are and discovering what your body is capable of. Year 12 PE involves an awesome camp, Lawn bowls in the local community and going to Les Mills. Year12 PE is the time where you begin finding out how your body actually works.






Year 13 Physical Education

This course offers 20-24 Level 3 NCEA credits. Level 3 Physical Education is a theory based course that applies concepts to physical /practical examples and experiences.

The practical and theoretical concepts covered are:

Training to be Tiger: Practical: Golf (Train and play a 9 hole golf game)
  Theory: Anatomy, Biomechanics, Motor Skill Learning
  Assessment: 9 Credits
My Camp Experience: Practical: Outdoor Education Camp (Hunua Ranges)
  Theory: The affect on my Health and Health promotion
  Assessment: 8 Credits
Planning to Perform: Practical: Training for Multi-Sport Event at Les Mills
  Theory: Exercise Physiology, Performance Planning and Training
  Assessment: 3 Credits