Year 10 Dance

The course runs for the full year with four periods taught per week. The course includes two NZQA achievement standards for NCEA Level 1

10 Dan 2015 1-487
10 Dan 2-38
Achievement Standard Number Internal /  External Title and learning contexts

Achievement Standard 90858                       Dance 1.1

Internal – 6 credits Compose dance sequences for given briefs
 Students will create original movement sequences in pairs and groups of three. These sequences will be based on given briefs that
 explore a range of elements and choreographic devices.
 Three separate briefs will be developed. The best two of the three will be assessed against the criteria for achievement at L1 NCEA.
 The unit of work is from NZQA approved resource on TKI is entitled, Get A Move On.
 This unit will be spread over three terms with assessments held in Terms 1, 2, and 3. The curriculum links to the Developing Ideas
 and Practical Knowledge strands. Students may work individually or pairs and groups for each brief.
Achievement Standard 90002                       Dance 1.2 Internal – 6 credits Perform dance sequences
 Students will perform up to three separate dances. These will be derived from the paired explorations of genre through the dance
 research unit. The best dances developed in the genre research will be further refined, taught to the whole class and performances
 will be assessed against the NCEA Level 1 achievement standard.
Context  Learning activities and skills developed
  1. Genre & Performance     Stepping Up Research – Share – Peer Teaching
 Students will explore the movement vocabulary and style associated with a particular
 dance genre. This will be tailored to the specific interests and needs of the class. They
 will explore the selected dance style and identify key elements associated with the
 genre or particular dance.
 This will require specific research which involves viewing a variety of dances within the
 specified form. Examples of styles or genre might include; folk, social, ethnic or cultural
 dance, line dance, hip hop and contemporary styles, ballet, jazz, lyrical. This is primarily
 a research unit. Students will present their findings in a power-point format and will
 include links to YouTube clips. The performance element will involve students
 choreographing and teaching a short sequence from their chosen style to the class. This
 unit will be undertaken in pairs or small groups.
             2. In the Audience    Interpret,
              reflect and respond to live dance
              theatre performances.

 At least one or more live performance viewing opportunities will be offered in the form of
 either a theatre outing, or a visiting show to the school. Once arrangements are made for
 students to attend, permission slips will be sent home well in advance, advising the cost
 involved to cover admission and transport. This unit will require students to develop their
 critical thinking skills and the use of specific dance terminology to describe, explain and
 discuss various aspects of live dance performance.
 Each year the class goes to Choreofest at Unitec in Term 4. This is a performance
 showcase of second and third year Unitec students’ original dance works.
Extension Option
Theatre Dance     First Moves
 A Dance-Drama Unit developed for Level 1, entitled First Moves, based on various
 creation myths, is an extension option for the class if they prove to be a particularly
 capable group.
This will provide an overlap with Drama studies and further equip students
 wishing to progress to Level 1 Drama. This may be combined with theatre technologies
 that involve constructing an item integral to a particular dance/theatre-form. Students
 have enjoyed mask-making and this is an appropriate element to include in dance-drama
10 Dance 2014 2 10 Dance 2014 4 10 Dance 2014 3