Year 11

The course runs for the full year with five periods per week and offers 22 NCEA credits spread over five Achievement Standards.

A practical performance-based course, 11 Drama explores theatre form, drama techniques, elements, conventions and theatre technologies.

Much of the work undertaken will be assessed based on a final performance for each achievement standard. The written component can only form the basis for an Achieved grade, the achievement of Merit and Excellence is awarded on performance capabilities alone.
Strong interpersonal and group skills are essential for success in this course, as much of the work undertaken is collaborative. This also makes regular attendance especially important when devising and rehearsing for final performances.

The opportunity for students to develop their imaginations, creativity and thinking skills is a key component to learning in drama performance. Blended e-learning approaches will be incorporated into both the research and creative aspects of the course.
Student work is assessed by the following Achievement Standards.
    Achievement Standard Number Internal/External Title and Learning Contexts Credit Value

Achievement Standard 90006               Drama 1.1

Apply drama techniques in a dramatic context
Students are given scripted scenes which they rehearse and perform, focusing on the use of drama techniques to demonstrate acting skill. They work collaboratively to develop the scenes. The focus is on techniques of voice, body, movement and space used to create character and interpret the playwright’s intention for the play.


Achievement Standard 90997                 Drama 1.2

Devise and perform a drama
Students devise an original piece of drama using elements and conventions, techniques and technologies. They then rehearse and perform their plays incorporating set, props, lighting, sound and costume.


Achievement Standard 90999                 Drama 1.4

Use features of a drama/theatre form in a performance
Students explore the features of Melodrama and develop them in scripted scenes. These are then performed to demonstrate their understanding of the theatre form


Achievement Standard 90009                  Drama 1.6

Perform an acting role in a scripted production
This achievement standard is linked to the drama techniques unit. The paired and group performances of scenes are combined to form a class production. Theatre technologies are included in the performance and there may be some after school rehearsal required. The performances are held in the evening to an invited audience of students, family and friends

Achievement Standard 90011                Drama 1.7

Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance.
Students attend at least one live professional theatre production during the year. The external exam requires them to demonstrate their understanding of specified aspects of their own performance work, as well as the professional production they have viewed as a member of an audience. The level of success achieved in the external exam will enable their coursework to be endorsed with Merit or Excellence as appropriate.

      Total 22
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