2014 Faculty Highlights

Junior Students' Art Works

The Year 9 students opting for Visual Arts have recently completed work in a unit titled "Framed by the Landscape"

The unit was based on a study of Lynfield Cove and native New Zealand birds and the students learned about creating realistic perspective through blending colour, to create the illusion of three dimensional space.
sm Sarah Powell(copy)
by Sarah Powell
sm Liam Waddington(copy)
by Liam Waddington
smShams Ayoub(copy)
by Shams Ayoub
Viviane Zheng(copy)
by Viviane Zheng
The Year 10 students' paintings (below) are based on the study of ceramics and in the style of artist models from the 60’s. The unit of work is titled “Back to the 60’s”. Students have generated a Still Life painting with the influences of several artist models.
Bhavina Rathod Elaisa Glampe

Left: by Bhavina Rathod

Centre: by Elasia Glampe

Right: by Demetrios Kourti
Demetrios Kourti


Digital Media Students Visit Museum

The students of the Year 11 Digital Media class enjoyed a  field trip to the Auckland Museum on Tuesday the 8th of April.

Students draw Maori artefacts in the Maori Court for Achievement Standard 1.2. The drawings will be scanned into Photoshop and painted digitally.

IMG 0512 IMG 0497 IMG 0488

Senior Photographers and Artists Out and About

March 2014

Their current internal assessment has seen the Photography, Painting and Cultural Studies students at senior level visiting various places to gather insight and inspiration for their artistic submissions.

Two weeks ago Year 12 and 13 Painting students and Photography students, plus the Year 13 Cultural Studies class, visited the Auckland City Gallery. Last week it was an outing to the Domain and One Tree Hill for the Year 12 Photography class.

setting up small students taking photos of the memorial small Yr 12 photography students small