2015 Faculty Highlights

2015 12 Drama Class Production

                                                       "Harbouring Ghosts "

                                                                                                           - A play by Kerry Lynch


Harbouring Ghosts-188


             “Stories help us to recognise that we are part of a narrative that is much bigger than our own lives.
                  Physics alone does not keep our universe together, it is also held together by stories.”
 -Kerry Lynch 2011

                                                 Date – Friday September 18th
                                                 Where– Performing Arts Centre
                                                 When - TWO CASTS TWO SHOWS         4.30PM and 7PM



   4.30 PM SHOW





  Mick Rose

  Tara Benton
  Jesse Gordon
  Simone Gordon
  Ted Benton
  Byron Lorimar

  Kaleb Bowles
  Marilena Penteado
  Shania Pirini
  Shanali Mehta
  Reetu Garrison
  Zyad Rahman
  Lewis Tagaloa
  Mason Lauder

  Reon Sumner
  O’Shara Ardelean
  Emma Purro
  Sarita de Pont
  Lana Nicholson
  Connor Gee
  Lewis Tagaloa
  Mason Lauder

Ghost Chorus

Marylinda Lamositele  Payton Rodger  Elise Ashford  Olivia Hamer  Marquise Henry  Kathleen Senfelices  Ruhi Surani


Year 11 Drama Evening

It is assessment time for Drama students in Year 11 and you are invited to attend their Drama evening on this Wednesday 23 September.


poster Yr11-609


Family, Friends and Enemies is a collection of scenes from different New Zealand plays which deal with human relationships. Topics covered are: Betrayal, Racism, How history relates to the present, Teen love and culture clash.

The scenes are divided into two sections, the first being from the play Sunset Café by Gary Henderson which deals with problems in young people’s relationships.

The second section contains scenes from The Pohutukawa Tree by Bruce Mason, Niu Sila by Dave Armstrong and Oscar Kightley, Romeo and Tusi by Oscar Kightley and Wheeler’s Luck by Nigel Collins, Toby Leach and Damon Andrews. These scenes deal with religion, superstition, culture clash and teen love - often with humour. They explore familial bonds, friendships and animosity. It is important to note that some parts are played by more than one person.


We look forward to seeing you here!

Student Art Works Chosen for Pah Homestead Community Day


Pah Homestead on Hillsborough Road will be holding its Community Day on September 26 and over 1500 people are expected to attend. The event is an opportunity to celebrate local art and culture and exhibits will include art works from local school students.

Secondary schools were invited to submit students’ art works and Lynfield student  Isiri Samarappulige is thrilled that her piece has been selected for the prestigious showcase.

A Central Leader article on the event can be read at


Pah Comm Day-748

Local students with their art works chosen for the event.Myles James of Mt Roskill Grammar School, Isiri Samarappulige of Lynfield College and Eniselika Ali of Marcellin College.


Pat Hanly Art Student Award 2015

Congratulations to Hannah McIntyre, recipient of the Pat Hanly Art Student Award for 2015!

This award is presented by the Friends of Auckland Art Gallery to a Year 13 Visual Arts or Art History student who demonstrates 'outstanding commitment and passion for the visual arts, and community awareness.'

Hannah received her award at a ceremony held at the Auckland Art Gallery.
Pat Hanly Award-193-234

Gallipoli Murals Transform Hall


The College Hall walls have been transformed by the addition of some outstanding mural work completed by our Visual Arts students.

20150423 155546-205 Mural12-686
Mural14-118 Mural13-184
20150423 155640-830 20150423 155631-489