Level 2 Health Studies

Students study a range of health and socioeconomic related topics that include three internal assessments and one external exam. They will carry out a case-study about a person of their choice who they believe has shown an ability to be resilient during a difficult time and examine the factors and strategies at play in this situation. They will also complete an assignment looking at modern influences on gender and sexuality such as Hip Hop culture and media portrayal of masculinity and femininity.

Students will also have the opportunity to connect with the pupils of our local primary and intermediate schools during a health promotion project where they teach about issues that are affecting young people such as noise induced hearing loss and the safe use of headphones. The external exam looks at the rights of people in situations where discrimination, harassment and intimidation may be occurring at work, school or within their community.

Year 12 Health Studies students have a visit from The Drama Toolkit - Youthline, to explore resiliency.
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